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Part 2

Honestly, even though I feel like I complain about the dungeons a lot, most of them are pretty good. Hell, I can even respect Eagle's Tower, since it was a decent idea, it just wasn't executed that well. Turtle Rock is the only dungeon I really, really hate.

Also, kind of a non-sequitur, but let's have another screenshot update!

Now that we have all the dungeon items, and all that's left is to head to the Wind Fish's Egg and rumble the hell out, we have nothing standing in our way of acquiring the Heart Pieces of Koholint. Let's jump right in and slog through it, because honestly it's kind of boring.

Right, this cave. The one we saw way back at the beginning of the game, when we got the toadstool in order to make the magic powder, so as to get past raccoon Mario. Lift up the skulls with the power bracelet and get the heart piece.

buddy? I'll only charge you 10 rupees...

This guy resides two screens above Madam MeowMeow's house, just fishing his days away, presumably making a living off of every sucker with 10 rupees to spare. Apply in the affirmative and...

(left) and (right) on the (d-pad) to aim a cast. Once you hook a fish, press the Button rapidly to reel him in!

a piece of heart, too! You have completed another Heart Container! On top of that, you get a 20 rupee prize! Want to try again?

Large fish are worth 20 rupees, small fries worth 5. The large fish located directly below you swallowed a heart piece somehow (???), so he's the only one we really want. There's also a third small fish, and it's almost impossible to actually snag the heart piece fish without also catching that particular small one.

One screen left of where Tarin got his ass handed to him by some bees is this cave. Bomb the entrance, dash through the crystals, and bomb part of the right wall at the top in order to waltz on in and grab the next heart piece.

In the area where the Nostalgic Ghost's grave is located, once you head south after removing the rock, head to the right to find this staircase surrounded by rocks. Head down to find:

You can either jump across the gap to plant the bomb or throw it - maybe. I'm not sure, the bomb might just sail over and land in the pit if you throw it. Either way, once that's done, hookshot across to the other rock, and then jump over and grab the heart piece.

For this one, just drop down the whirling sand where you fight the Lanmola in Yarna Desert, drop a bomb at the north wall, and grab the heart piece.

This one's also really simple. One screen right of Angler's Tunnel is this obvious cave. Head in and dive around blindly until you find the heart piece.

Another really easy heart piece once you know where to look. Going north on the side path at Kanalet Castle - i.e. where you enter while the gate is closed - to the end leads you to stairs leading into water. Swim around the side of the castle and down to this area, one screen left of the gate, and dive at the bottom wall until you find it.

Remember where the walrus was just outside of Animal Village? Head to that screen, and head upwards. It'll lead you to this side path in Animal Village, and heading up one more screen leads you to a bombable wall. Bomb it and head inside.

Pretty standard cave fare, nothing of note to mention. However, that cracked rock at the end of that long path -

Hit it with a bomb arrow to open up the regular rock for hookshotting. I'm not entirely sure if there's another way to clear out the cracked rock, but that rock was always why I figured the bomb arrow trick was intentional.

Finally, the last heart piece of the whole game. This is the entrance covered by a bush that you use to get to Turtle Rock, and the heart piece is inside this cave.

Drop a bomb at that little inset part of the bottom wall, then go down through a non-descript room and out to the right to find that heart piece that mocks you every time you come up that opposing stairwell.

Bam, a full row. Of course, that's not all that's left for shit to get. I mean, 30 bombs, 30 arrows and 20 bits of magic powder? No way are they going to leave you with that few for the end of the game.

This rather inconspicuous rock in the Mysterious Woods holds a staircase. Descend and...

A well. Not much seems like it'd fit down it, so maybe drop some Magic Powder?

a fine nap!! ...Thanks a lot! But now, I'll get my revenge! Are you ready?!

This guy is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore. Right, so, let's see what kind of awful punishment he's going to heap upon us.

Powder! He He! Are you ready?!

Oh. Well, okay. Nintendo sure does love to have a villain whose entire plan is to make it seem like they're giving you some harsh punishment while actually giving you assistance.

Either way, he zaps the hell out of Link for a little bit and then fucks off after saying:

Heh Heh Heh! You deserve it! Now look at all that junk you have to carry! Hah! Take care! See you again!

And yes, we will be seeing him again. This spot, in the south of Martha's Bay, is normally mostly inaccessible (you can actually cheese it by cutting down a bush before you fall into the hole and get across that way, but I waited to do it the proper way). Once you have the Magic Rod, the bushes in your way mean nothing anymore. Burn them down, jump across, and head downwards.

Surprisingly, the shrine is not just down here, it's actually beyond this cave. There's nothing special to note about this cave, just fish and deep water.

Once you come out of the cave, you're out here. Going to the left and down the staircase leads you to the Mad Batter again, where he increases the number of bombs you can hold. His dialogue isn't even slightly different, other than replacing 'Magic Powder' with 'Bombs.' Regardless, we can hold up to 60 bombs now, way more than is even necessary.

This is the location of his last hiding spot. This rock on the path to Turtle Rock seems out of place, and that's because it is. Go down, sprinkle magic powder again, and have the Mad Batter expand the number of arrows you can hold to 60. That's that.

And that's all the collection in the game, actually. See you guys next time for the final update for the main LP!