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Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

by Ambisagrus

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Original Thread: Staring at the Moon, the Moon Stares into You: Majora's Mask



The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is the sixth Zelda game, second of the 3D games. People seem to have pretty varying opinions on it, because it puts a heavy focus on sidequests, and there are only four dungeons! The sheer amount of sidequests can be daunting, and so the game can be hard to get into if you're used to the style of Ocarina of Time. I fall into the group that absolutely loves the hell out of this game.

The thing about Majora's Mask is that there's a schedule for everything that happens. The game is set over a period of three days, and you're given the ability to reset the sequence. It's impossible to do everything in three days, so there's going to be some heavy editing involved here to get it all under control. There's going to be a lot of use of the time reset.

Joining me in this LP will be A Wooden Palisade, along with pretty much all of our bros throughout! I can't promise we'll get this game done efficiently, but I'm sure that it'll be a lot of fun either way.

By the way, both of us have twitter accounts that you can find here: Ambisagrus, A Wooden Palisade. Just don't expect anything really interesting or meaningful.

Also, Don't talk about the Zelda timeline. Please! It never ends up being a meaningful discussion.

Without further ado, Let's Play Majora's Mask!

By the way, in the first two videos we had a bit of a demon issue, but as of the third we're pretty sure they've been exorcised, so that shouldn't be a problem from then on!

Table of Contents

1. How to Lose Your Friends and Spit at People (with Name Pending) YouTube Download
2. Confrontation of Lunar Deism (with Name Pending) YouTube Download
3. Eris Quod Bonus, Pro Bono Publico (with Name Pending and Chip Cheezum) YouTube Download
4. Link in the Land of Scrubs (with Name Pending and Chip Cheezum) YouTube Download
5. Ode to a Traitorous Monkey (with Name Pending, Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus) YouTube Download
6. Ten Seconds to Heart Piece (with Name Pending, Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus) YouTube Download
7. Put Your Hands Together for Weird People Screaming! (with Rooreelooo) YouTube Download
8. Joe Arpaio, Deport This Man! (with Rooreelooo) YouTube Download
9. When Butlers Revolt! (with flamedrake) YouTube Download
10. Business 101 with Baron von Plaz (with flamedrake and PlasmaMan) YouTube Download
11-1. The Power of Goron, in YOUR Eyes! (with Name Pending) Youtube YouTube Download
11-2. Baby Bieber Blues (with Name Pending) YouTube Download
12. What the Hell is a Video Game? (with Faceguy and Wogturt) YouTube Download
13. A Slow Descent Into Fairy (with Faceguy and Wogturt) YouTube Download
14. Do Gorons Dream of Igneous Sheep? YouTube Download
15. Let Me Help You... *takes face* (with Chip Cheezum) YouTube Download
16. Video Games: A Dew-Based Economy (with Chip Cheezum and VoidBurger) YouTube Download
17. Did Anyone Ever Stop to Think... (with Chip Cheezum and PoorWeather) YouTube Download
18. A Fistful of Rupees (with Chip Cheezum and PoorWeather) YouTube Download
19. Dampe's Inferno (with PoorWeather and OatmealRaisin) YouTube Download
20. The Five-Rupee Fumble (with PlasmaMan) YouTube Download
21. Stay Creepy, My Friends (with PlasmaMan) YouTube Download
22. Massive Honkin' YouTube Download
23. Glitch Hunterz, Starring Clock Town Dog as YouTube Download
24. Freaking Water Temple.....!!!!!! (with KungFuJesus) YouTube Download
25. A Froglizard and His Blob (with KungFuJesus) YouTube Download
26. The Return of the Legend of the Water of Lesko, Part 3 (with KungFuJesus) YouTube Download
27. Sexual Pseudohobbyism (with KungFuJesus and lithuanian dad) YouTube Download
28. Nintendo Breast YouTube Download
29. Termina's Moon is... Uh Oh! Gotta Speed Up! (with General Ironicus) YouTube Download
30. Stay Away From YouTube Download
31. Misrepresentation of Colorblindness in Video Games (with Ghost of Razgriz) YouTube Download
32. The Legend of Mob Bobster (with Ghost of Razgriz) YouTube Download
33. Ambisagrus is a Ten-Letter YouTube Download
34. Stuck in Stone Tower With Statues (with PoorWeather) YouTube Download
35. Backflipping Through Time and Space (with PoorWeather) YouTube Download
36. Catch a Falling Moon and Put it in Your Pocket (with PoorWeather) YouTube Download
37. Something Wicked This Way YouTube Download
38. Gonna Teach You How to YouTube Download
39. The Things I Do For Love... (with PoorWeather) YouTube Download
40. Dog Days Are Over (with General Ironicus) YouTube Download
41. Moon's Inhumanity to YouTube Download



General Ironicus



Chu Chu


Sneaking Mission



Character Bios!

Link in Majora's Mask is the same one as Ocarina of Time. He's kind of a badass now. Did you see all those flips he was doing? Damn.

The Skull Kid is the antagonist. He's normally just a tricky little punk but he's wearing...

Majora's Mask. The mask is an occult item of unknown origin, but it gives the wearer all sorts of crazy evil magic. The skull kid stole the mask from none other than...

The Happy Mask Salesman. Probably the same one from Ocarina of Time, he travels the world collecting masks. He's kind of a weird guy.

Tatl and Tael are fairies that are friends of the Skull Kid. At the start of the game Tatl gets separated from him and joins Link, giving him advice and basically doing Navi's old job.

The Bombers are a gang of kids that hang out around Clock Town. They seem like jerks but they're actually good kids, devoted to helping the people of the town. They're totally racist against Deku Scrubs though.

Oh, fuck you.
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