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Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (3 Days Challenge)

by smokyprogg

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Original Thread: Great! I'll grab my stuff! - The Majora's Mask 3 Day Challenge



What is this?
Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game, and one of my top games overall. If you (somehow) aren't familiar, it was released in 2000 for the N64, fairly late in the console's dev cycle. It was one of two N64 games to require the N64's memory expansion, and shows with improved graphics and animations from its predecessor, Ocarina of Time. Since it also took many, many assets straight from Ocarina, Majora's Mask was developed over the course of a single year. Majora's Mask recently was rereleased on the 3DS with a massive graphical overhaul and slight tweaks of gameplay. I haven't played it, but I hear it's pretty good!

I personally love Majora's Mask for its surprisingly dark atmosphere for an Nintendo game, intricate world, and incredibly well implemented time system. The game takes place over the course of three days, after which the world is engulfed by fire and death. We can reset to the beginning of the first day, keeping all major items, but resetting any events that were put in place. The intention is to chip away at the game, picking up a few new weapons and masks with each iteration, but we ain't got time for that. We're getting everything we can finished off in a single three day cycle.

What we doing?
When I first played Majora's Mask back in middle school, I watched Dragorn's run on Speed Demos Archive of a 3 day completion, the first video of such a feat. Despite my efforts, I absolutely could not get past the first day. A decade later, I tried again and pulled it off. I wanted to make a video series of a single cycle completion, but realized I could do more.

My original intention was to get all masks and smash in the final boss's face with the fierce deity mask, but unfortunately this is impossible due to some masks only being obtainable at the exclusion of others. I even tried with the help of Finnish speedrunner VPP to find glitchy exploits to get around this, but it just wasn't happening. Since all masks are off the table, the goal is pretty simple now: Get as much shit as possible before the moon falls, then beat the game. You'd be VERY surprised how many things are obtainable with good routing.

There is a mandatory three day cycle as Deku Link, but as soon as we play the Song of Time at the end of that, we're finished time traveling.

How this gonna work?
I'm doing co-commentary with my good friend George, who has played through this game up to the final temple, but hasn't completed it himself. The videos are recorded live, so no post-commentary here. Getting immediate reactions to a fast paced game with a constant ticking clock is pretty intense and a lot of fun. Our commentary is more bantery and less informative, though I do explain roughly what I'm doing and where I'm going. If you aren't familiar with the game, it should be an entertaining watch, but may be a bit confusing due to the nature of the playthrough. There are gonna be a few goofy edits occasionally, because video games are fun and we're having fun making this.

I'll be trying to post a new update twice a week.

Current Update

???, Final Day

It's the final episode of Lunk's Adventure. I struggle mightily with the final boss who I haven't fought in over a decade... Until I don't struggle any longer. It's a pretty cut and dry episode, but the credits of this game are a really great retrospective of our adventures as a whole and everyone we helped. That poor bomb lady

Thanks to everyone for watching this. As said, there would be no reason to do this if people weren't enjoying it as much as they did. We both had a ton of fun putting this together, and are looking forward to some more LP's in the future! Gonna take a bit of a break for now to get a backlogue of recordings, but whatever we do next (Sonic. It's Sonic.) will end up with a thread here. Unless it's Battletoads, in which case that might only go on Youtube.

stay lunk, y'all


Full Playlist

Prologue - Scrub Life (Part 1/2)
Prologue - Scrub Life (Part 2/2)
Chapter 1 - The Bean Man Who Live in the Hole
Chapter 2 - My Very Own Water Park (Sonata of Awakening Trap download)
Chapter 3 - In Which a Child Enters Lunk
Chapter 4 - The Cold Shoulder
Chapter 5 - Kumail Nanjiani, Beta Male
Chapter 6 - xXMiSsOcToRoC2015Xx
Chapter 7 - Graveyard Shift
Chapter 8 - Brought to You by 7-Eleven®
Chapter 9 - ...Froggy?
Chapter 10 - Link-182
Chapter 11 - Spider House 3
Chapter 12 - My Entire Life Has Been Leading to This Moment
Chapter 13 - Like-Like and Subscribe
Chapter 14 - OK, Now Play Your Pipes Like This ("Ballad of the Windfish" download)
Chapter 15 - Things Finally Go Awry
Chapter 16 - Alcoholism and the Inevitability of Death
Chapter 17 - Double the Robs, Double the Eggs
Chapter 18 - The Joking Hour
Chapter 19 - #lifehacks
Chapter 19b - Revisiting the Fishman
Chapter 20 - The Drunken Elgato Shitshow
Chapter 21 - Majora's MRSA
Chapter 22 - Lunk's Maps
Chapter 23 - I Did It For The Weed Jokes (Frog arrangement download)
Chapter 24 - At Least You Got the Five Rupees Man
Chapter 25 - There's No Time at All
Chapter 26 - Moonwalker

More Musical Mayhem

Full Soundcloud Playlist

The Hot Spring Has Frozen (Alternate Garren Village Theme)
I'm Gonna Plug You (Chapter 24 Alternate Takes)

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