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Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Randomizer

by DoctorKill

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Original Thread: Let's Play Majora's Mask Super Wrong



Hello, I'm Doctor Kill, AKA Doctor Thrill: Like a Roller Coaster™, and I'm going to show you how to play Majora's Mask Super Wrong.

What is Majora's Mask?
Majora's Mask (MM) is a web 2.0 media experience that relies on collaborative social media experimentation to communicate insightful and meaningful messages through the simplistic, childish medium of action adventure video games.

Pretty sure Majora's Mask has been LP'd before
Yeah but they haven't dones it the way I does it.

You've got me hooked pal, tell me more about this Let Us Play
The point of this LP is to play Majora's Mask all messed up. If you watched my Ocarina of Time LP (found here), then the general concept should be familiar, but basically I want to show off the glitches of this game and how you can use them to still accomplish the many goals this game has.

To that extent I made a few vague and arbitrary rules to help me outline what I can show off, while still keeping it somewhat focused so I don't have to show off literally every little thing in the game:

1. I will be collecting all masks and items, but not necessarily item upgrades.
2. I will try to use as many glitches as I can to get those things, as long as it isn't too tedious or boring to do.
3. I will not be collecting all heart pieces
4. I will complete all the main dungeons, but not necessarily the side dungeons.
5. I will be 'finishing' dungeons in reverse order, by which I mean collecting the map, compass, dungeon item, and fairies, then getting to the boss room. But for various reasons I won't always beat the boss at that point.
6. I will not be using the deku, goron, or zora forms in their respective dungeons, with 3 specific exceptions (none of the exceptions are the bosses).

Anything else?
Knowing the general progression of the game and its sidequests will probably help in understanding why the glitches I do are significant. However, as glitches happen, I'll do my best to explain how they work as well as what is 'normally' supposed to happen or what is being skipped, to help people who aren't as familiar with the game.

And just to clarify, everything shown off in these videos will be me directly playing the game, with no cheats activated or anything like that. You should be able to replicate any of it on any console version, though I play on Virtual Console for speed and ease.

And if you want to learn more about Majora's Mask glitches, be sure to check out ZeldaSpeedRuns, that's where I learned a lot of what I'm going to show off!

Spoiler Policy
This is LP is focused on glitches, not story. A lot of people really enjoy the MM story / narrative, but more than likely there won't be any focus on it. As such, I don't care about any spoilers, spoilers are allowed, especially because I'll be doing so many things out of order anyway.

In fact, not only are they allowed, they are mandatory. Every post must have a spoiler, from any work of fiction. Make sure you tell me who dies in book 5 of game of thrones before you contribute anything to the thread. If you don't you will be probated, banned, then fired out of a cannon.



Part 1: Saving Ladies from Aliens and Raiders (feat. WilliamAnderson)

Part 2: Hiding from Pirates, Chiding the Spiders (feat. Word on the Wind)

Part 3: Exploring the Moors and Soaring to Gorons. (feat. ChaosArgate)

Part 4: Power through Stone Tower at Zero Hour (feat. MissileWaster)

Part 5: Mummies to Placate, Getting Chummy with Great Bay (feat. Simply Simon)

Part 6: Snowhead, Cold Dread, Goht's Dead, Gold Tread (feat. Zeikier)

Part 7: Grave Rob Em, Blaze Problems, Slaying Mobs Like It's Sodom (feat. Azzanadra)

Part 8: Gyorg's Bubbly Grasp, it's a Troubled Task, so's the Couple's Mask (feat. liquidypoo)

Part 9: Spin to Win and Twinmold Folds, a Sword to Gore Majora up (feat. Toiwat)


Bonus: Hither into Stone Tower, No Quivering, No Bow Nor Bowing

Here are some pictures of Cremia hugging various Links awkwardly.

What is this thing that you are doing?
Majora's Mask Randomizer is a mod / romhack made by a person named DeathBasket that randomizes the location of all inventory items in the game. Masks, weapons, trade items, and upgrades are all shuffled around, with a few exceptions to prevent an unwinnable state, and only among themselves, so things like heart pieces and rupees aren't affected. Bottled items are also randomized among themselves, since mechanically you can't switch those with a non bottle item, but it does mean that catching, say, a fish could give you something like Chateau Romani.

This is meant as a companion LP to the Majora's Mask Super Wrong LP, so I would suggest watching that before watching these, if only because I refer to the 'main LP' an awful lot and because that's where I explained all the cool tricks I'll be doing.

Why are you doing this thing?
Because it'll be fun!

What's the end goal here?
I'm aiming to again collect all masks and inventory items, but also all inventory upgrades as well, though in rare cases items can be unobtainable. I still wont get all heart pieces, but I may get a few if they're interesting. Of course I'll also beat the game.

There will obviously be some retreading on stuff I did in the main LP but the randomness should keep things interesting. And unlike my previous LPs, me and my commentators will commentate as I play, live! This means I will route on the fly, often with disastrous consequences, while my talking buddies berate me for actually being very bad at this video game and hiding it for so long. Fun stuff!

Suspicious Dish will be joining me for the entire LP, and we'll have a different third commentator every few episodes.



With Suspicious Dish and Artix:

Part 1: I Get My Ass Kicked By A Tree

Part 2: My Run Gets Screwed Up Already

Part 3: Sure Wish I Had the Zora Mask

With Suspicious Dish and crowe / corn in the bible:

Part 4: You Are Tearing Me Apart, Majora

Part 5: Really Bad Graveyard Time with Bats and Fire

Part 6: Learning New Instabilities of the Randomizer

With Suspicious Dish and ChaosArgate:

Part 7: Breaking Weapon Laws, Fighting Aliens, Peddling Conspiracies

Part 8: The Spiders Are All In Tune

Part 9: Stoned in Pirates Fortress, Making Some Unagi

With Suspicious Dish and SimplySimon:

Part 10: I Want to Beat Great Bay, I Want to Eat the Moon.

Part 11: Stone Tower more like Bone Boner

Part 12: Horse

With Suspicious Dish and ThornBrain:

Part 13: A Couple of Tasks to get the Couple's Mask

Final: Majora the Major A-Hole
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