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by MeccaPrime

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Original Thread: Honey, I Shrunk the Hero! - Let's Play the Legend of Zelda: the Minish Cap



Greetings, everyone, and welcome to...

Let's Play

I've been gone for a while, but I'm back and ready to go; I'll be starting up again with a game that was requested of me quite a few times (and, frankly, I've been wanting to do anyway). Minish Cap is usually considered the last true 2-D, Top-Down perspective Zelda game; it places Link once again in the land of Hyrule, only this time there is a whole new way to explore the world (but we'll get into that later). Here's some offical artwork from Nintendo to get you into the mood:

Genre: Adventure/Dungeon Crawler
Platform: Gameboy Advance
Released: 2004 (J&EU), 2005 (NA&AUS)
Developer: Capcom
Story: Long ago, an ancient evil was sealed away with the power of the Master Sword Picori Blade; Ganon Vaati breaks the seal and releases monsters on the world once again. It is up to Link to reforge the Picori Blade and defeat Vaati; the only way he can do so is to unlock the secrets of the mysterious Picori (aka Minish).

This time, I will be doing more of a casual run; I will be playing through as normal without going out of my way to get everything. I'll probably go back before I finish, though, and pick up what I'm missing in some sort of collection bonus video (but don't get too excited, this may or may not happen). I might also do some contests or things like I did in the Oracles thread, so look out for that.

Our hero this time is Rick, which should ring a bell for you 90's culture-minded folks, but that's enough foolishness, let's get started!

Stanard Run Youtube Source
Minish Youtube Source
Deepwood Youtube Source
Chicken Wranglin' Youtube Source
Mount Youtube Source
Cave of Youtube Source
Swamp Youtube Source
Fortress of Youtube Source
Slick Youtube Source
Community Youtube Source
Temple of Youtube Source
Ghosts are Youtube Source
Rick and Ezlo Get Youtube Source
Palace of Youtube Source
Magic Swords and Youtube Source
Goron Rave Youtube Source
Dark Hyrule Youtube Source

Minimalist Pro Run (Not commentated)

Deepwood Source
Cave of Source
Fortress of Source
Temple of Source
Palace of Source
Dark Hyrule Source

Bonus Videos and Such

Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Youtube Source
I deafeated the immortal wizard god and all I got was this lousy shield     Youtube  

Contest over; prize awarded to Geemer again...

Contest #1: Post | Results
Create roadblocks so ridiculous that they justify the ones in this game.

Contest #2: Post | Results
Make Ezlo more useful either in actuality or by perception

Contest #3: Post | Results
What if Ralph got the magical, wish-granting hat?

Contest #4: Post | Results
What other games can Ezlo crash? What other heroes can Ezlo "help?"

Contest #5: Post | Results
Concieve of a mini-dungeon or fetch quest so mundane, terrible, or frightening that it makes me want to do the sky dungeon again.

User daani is making a series of original boss drawings

User MrLamo2k1 makes all my dreams come true!

User Geemer improves on the model.

User an_mutt draws a little doodle instead of doing his actual work

User Hobbitastic illustrates Ezlo's propensity to drive Rick into insanity.

User Johanz shows us why Ezlo is the perfect stealthy companion for the aspiring assassin.

The return of dogblock! By user Chu Chu

User Mr Pilkington gives us a proper use for Ezlo

User PopularEnergyDrink re-imagines the mascot for MeccaPrime Industries

Not Fanart, but Still Cool:

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