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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

by DoctorKill

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Original Thread: Let's Play Ocarina of Time Super Wrong



Hello, my name is Doctor Kill (no relation to Dr Phil), and I'm going to play Ocarina of Time super wrong.

What is Ocarina of Time
Ocarina of Time is a recently released retro indie platformer created in Unity examining the concept of memetic identity and self, that uses quantum retroactive development techniques to make it appear as an action adventure game from 17 years ago.

Holy Shit ANOTHER Ocarina of Time LP
Yeah I hear you, there have been lots of Let's Plays of Ocarina of Time, probably. But how many have been played by someone without slow, decrepit mummy hands? Also lots, probably, and I'm doing another one. Somewhat inspired by the currently running LP, Ocarina of Time blind, my plan is to come from the other direction, playing Ocarina of Time knowing lots about it.

I come from the speedrunning community so I'll be showing off how speedrunners see this game - but more than that I want to show off how broken the mechanics of this game are, and how that ends up making it incredibly flexible. I will be doing most of the main portions of the game in ways definitely not intended by the developers (obviously) but also in ways speedrunners wouldn't ever play it, since some of the tricks I'll be doing are too obscure or slow to be useful for them.

The general theme I'm going for is, 'If you are supposed to get it as adult, get it as child. If you are supposed to get it as child, get it as adult.' There will be a few exceptions to this, depending on whether or not it prevents other things or if I think something is too tedious, but I'll try to keep to it. As some quick examples, some of the first items I get are the hookshot and the light arrows, as child. The first temple I beat is the Forest Temple, also as child.

Anything Else?
Given the focus on glitches, this LP might be more interesting to people who have some level of familiarity with the game, but I don't know how to define that threshold. Knowing the general progression is probably the most helpful, when you get items and finish dungeons, but maybe people who don't remember anything might also like it. I don't know.

I will focus on those 'general progression' portions of the game, inventory items and dungeons. I won't be collecting most of the skulltulas or heart pieces, given that I'm scared of gilded spiders and I'm not teen enough for broken hearts. If someone is interested in particular ones I can make an exception I suppose. But overall this should be a short LP, at least compared most LPs.

I also plan on making some bonus videos to show off other glitches, or if someone wants to see something done that I'm not going to do in the LP. If you want anything that I do in my videos to be expanded upon, feel free to ask. If there's just a general question you have about OoT, or even Majora's Mask, go for it, I should be able to answer it.



Stole some stuff from holes in Kak (live commentary)
Fought and killed a forest ghost (live commentary)
Dino death and songs to get (feat. ChaosArgate)
Desert sands, colossus hands (feat. ChaosArgate)
Footwear finds for flower fights (feat. Crosspiece)
Wrong warps, song ports, ass hoards, wow! (feat. Suspicious Dish)
Fighting Links, eukaryotes (feat. Faerie Fortune)
Fire Temple walk with me (feat. Leavemywife)
Bow, big fish, Biggoron Sword (feat. corn in the bible)
Spirit mirrors' clear career (feat. Fredrik1)
Link has won, his quest is done (feat. Artix)

Bonus Videos


Dodongo's Cavern: A Retrospective (BONUS BONUS)
Hyrule Travel Agency
Random Bottle Access
Mighty Morpha's Water Dangers
Spin to Twinrova
Misc. and Risk


Here's some stuff other people did:


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Part 2

Suspicious Dish

Made a really cool model viewer and texture decoder

Wants you to take a quiz about SM64 modding


Caught an important screenshot

Darth Numbers

Showed off some glitches in Majora's Mask
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