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Original Thread: Can you hear the ocarina Fernando? Let's Play Zelda: Ocarina of Time! [VLP]


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We've all seen Zelda. Why do this?
There's never been a better time to replay the (debatable) greatest Zelda game. Ocarina of Time is going to be re-released on the 3DS whenever that thing comes out. Also the new Wii Zelda title, Skyward Sword, comes out early next year (if it's not pushed back again). As such, a lot of people probably have Zelda on the brain right now.

Also, we're kind of celebrating! After a full year of videos, we're returning to the N64. We never could have kept it up this long without everyone who has enjoyed us. Thanks to all of you for watching.

We are:
-DO IT TO IT (Andrew)
-DONT DO IT (James)
-TouchNfoaM (Chris)
Stand-in Guys:
-Fake Derek (Ross)

The Rundown
Pretty much everyone on the planet (except for James) has played through this game, and several times over. The purpose of this LP is to just kick back and enjoy one of the most fondly remembered gaming experiences of all time. No death counters...none of that nonsense. Just dudes playing Zelda. And hey, if Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword end up sucking, at least you'll have a good Zelda game fresh in your mind.

We will be attempting to get as many heart pieces and gold skulltulas as possible. We're not promising that we'll get every single one, but we're gonna try. Heart pieces will have priority over gold skulltulas, espcially after we've collected 50 skulltulas. We've created a handy little checklist for ourselves just for that purpose. If we pass one over a couple times, let us know! We may very likely devote whole episodes to side-questing.

Keep an eye on the first post in this thread. We'll be using it to keep track of our quest status and you can use it to quickly check how we're coming. We'll also use it to keep track of any ocarina songs we find or ones that are suggested to us.

As always, this is not an informational LP.

Update Plan
Probably three times a week. Expect updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We will be recording 2 weeks' (6 videos) worth of content at a time. Once all six videos are posted, we record 6 more, etc.


1. Intro, Inside the Great Deku TreePolsy Download
2. Getting to Hyrule CastlePolsy Download
3. Meeting Princess Zelda, SidequestingPolsy Download
4. Visiting SariaPolsy Download
5. Scaling Death Mountain, Dodongo's CavernPolsy Download
6. Dodongo's Cavern, Part 2Polsy Download
7. Death Mountain, SidequestingPolsy Download
8. Zora's River, Lake HyliaPolsy Download
9. Jabu Jabu's BellyPolsy Download
10. Jabu Jabu's Belly, Part 2Polsy Download
11. Becoming a ManPolsy Download
12. GODDAMN LOST WOODS, Forest TemplePolsy Download
13. Forest Temple, Part 2Polsy Download
14. Forest Temple, Part 3Polsy Download
15. Getting Epona, Fire TemplePolsy Download
16. Fire Temple, Part 2Polsy Download
17. Fire Temple, Part 3Polsy Download
18. Ice CavernPolsy Download
19. Getting Biggoron's SwordPolsy Download
20. Water TemplePolsy Download
21. Water Temple, Part 2Polsy Download
22. Water Temple, Part 3Polsy Download
23a. Water Temple, Part 4aPolsy Download
23b. Water Temple, Part 4bPolsy Download
24. Water Temple, Part 5Polsy Download
25. Bottom of the Well, SidequestingPolsy Download
26. Shadow TemplePolsy Download
27. Shadow Temple, Part 2Polsy Download
28. Shadow Temple, Part 3Polsy Download
29. Fishing, SidequestingPolsy Download
30. Gerudo ValleyPolsy Download
31. Haunted Wasteland, Spirit TemplePolsy Download
32. Spirit Temple, Part 2Polsy Download
33. Spirit Temple, Part 3Polsy Download
34. Spirit Temple, Part 4Polsy Download
35. Gerudo Training GroundPolsy Download
36. Ganon's CastlePolsy Download
37. Ganon's Castle, Part 2Polsy Download
38. SidequestingPolsy Download
39. Ganon's Castle, Part 3Polsy Download
40. Poe HuntingPolsy Download
41. Ganondorf Fight, EscapePolsy Download
42. Final Boss, CreditsPolsy Download
EpiloguePolsy Download

User Links!

Shock the Monkey Intro by PopularEnergyDrink
Hot Cross Buns by Reive
The Absolute Worst YouTube Ocarina of Time LP found by UZworm
Amazing Reorchestrated Zelda Music found by RabidGolfCart

Ocarina Songs

Zelda's Lullaby

Sun's Song

Saria's Song

Epona's Song

Song of Time

Song of Storms

Minuet of Forest

Prelude of Light

Bolero of Fire

Serenade of Water

Nocturne of Shadow

Requiem of Spirit

Heart Pieces

29 of 36

Gold Skulltulas

40 of 100

Quest Items

Kokiri's Emerald

Goron's Ruby

Zora's Sapphire

Light Medallion

Forest Medallion

Fire Medallion

Water Medallion

Shadow Medallion

Spirit Medallion

Misc Items

Stone of Agony

Gerudo Membership Card

Bonus Ocarina Songs! Try these, kids at home!

Simpsons theme:
Cdown, Cright, Cleft, Cup, Down+Cup, Down+Cleft, Cdown, A, Z+Down+A x3, Down+A

Imperial March:
Up+Cdown x3, R+A, R+Cright, Down+Cright, R+A, R+Cright, Down+Cright, Cup x3, R+Cup, R+Cright, R+Cdown, R+A, R+Cright, Down+Cright

James Bond Theme:
A, Z+Cdown x4, A x4, Cdown x4, Z+Cdown x3, Cup, R+Cleft, Cright, Down+Cright, Cright

Cright, A, Cdown, Down+Cright, Z+Cright, Down+Cright
(figured out by James)

Deadeye Dick posted:

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