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Original Thread: Two and a Half Zeldas - A Skyward Sword & Darksiders Double Feature



As you might know, we kind of like Zelda games. That's why A Wooden Palisade and I are going to play two (and a half) of them!

On this LP's agenda, we've got Skyward Sword, the newest installment in the series, and Darksiders, which isn't actually a Zelda game, but it might as well be.

Updates will be three times a week, generally with two Skyward Sword videos and then one Darksiders at the end of the week. whenever, but generally pretty frequently.

So obviously Skyward Sword is the main feature here. Let's talk a bit about it, shall we?

Skyward Sword's a kind of new direction for the series, and it's one that I personally happen to like. The art style feels somewhere between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess and the combat's been revamped and uses the Wii Motion+. Enemies end up being little puzzles on their own, and I think it's a pretty nice change. There are a few things I don't really love, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Commentary will be done in the usual post-commentary style we generally do, 20-30 minute videos, blah blah blah. Nothing out of the ordinary about our format here. I might end up doing a couple little things live, but who knows.

If you want some timely updates over twitter, we've got a few over here :
The Official Palisagrus Twitter
or our personal ones...
A Wooden Palisade

Now then, let's get to the videos! Enjoy!

Skyward Sword
1. Ask Me About
2. Groosebumps: Flying Lessons Can Be
3. Groosebumps: Flight of the Living
4. The Portrait of Dorian
5. Bird People? Tell Me More!
6. Machi Machi Madness, Bucha Bucha
7. Runnin' Out of
8. Into The Hoss
9. The Moleman
10. Thrill Digger? I'll Show You
11. Lonely Rolling
12. Already Been Chewed
13. How to Cultivate the
14. The Guiding Hand of
15. The Beginning of a New
16. Shave That Cactus!
17. Keyward
18. What's Yours is Mine and What's Mine is The Other
19. Wacky Witch
20. Groosebumps: One Day In
21. Groosebumps: The Imprisoned Waddles at
22. The Guiding Hand of Pleasure 2: Give Me a
23. Pinwheelin' and Dealin'
24. The Importance of
25. Skyward Drinking
26. Rude Dungeon
27. Cistern Act 2: Back in the
28. I Have Six Arms and I Must
29. Waste My Time, Please!!
30. Jeepums
31. Invasion of a Dead Robot's
32. Mine Cart Carnage with Gary and
33. Sand Ship
34. Pounder, the
35. Jigglus, of the
36. Silent Night, Stealthy
37. Bad Taxidermy
38. The Nerd
40. Groosebumps: Say Imprisoned and Die!
41. Pumpkin Soup for the Fish-Eyed
42. Groosebumps: Say Imprisoned and Die - Again!
43. The Rascal
44. ROX R
45. Hug Me to the
46. Nothing Soothes the
47. You Can "Sky Keep" Your Dumb
48. "Sky Keep" Yourself
49. Love is
50. Half-hearted
51. You, Me, & the
52. The Tragedy of the Boss
53. So You Think You Can Summon a Dark
54. Potato Tree's

35.5. Deja Vu Night at the Ancient Cistern (A glitch video by Suspicious Dish)Youtube




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