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Legend of Zelda: The Adventure of Link

by seiferguy

Part 1: Name Him Downstab.

Chapter 1: Name Him Downstab.

Our hero is named.

And he's got 3 lives left!

And thus, the adventure to save the lovely Princess Zelda begins. We start in a castle where Zelda sleeps for eternity until I find the  PokeFlute  Triforce to wake her. Funny story: When I played this game as a child, I always thought the two flesh colored areas were her legs, as in she fell over like a drunk person and her legs became magically propped up, here's what I'm talking about :

I thought this was how it was for the longest time, then during Slybo's 8-bit goon base thread from way back when, I did a palette with her in it, and looked closely. 19 years I had been believing this I mean, who the hell would pass out in a prayerful position?

We're off to the overworld! Look at those amazing graphics.

Doo dee doo...

Dear me! A path? Which way should I go?