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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Press A to Whoop - Let's Play Twilight Princess (Wii)


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---Game Description---
Twilight Princess is a 2006 installment in the Legend of Zelda franchise. It was initially intended for release in 2005 on the GameCube, but development was held back in order to redesign the game for the then-upcoming Wii console. It was ultimately released for both consoles with the Wii version having fairly rudimentary motion controls, pointing/aiming being smooth as butter and everything else just being "waggle".

The game is a (slight) point of contention among several people and fans. While several publications where happy to call it the best Zelda game yet, just as many are unhappy with the tacked-on Wii controls and the overall plot and design being too similar to Ocarina of Time. I'm a massive Zelda fag, but I try to just enjoy it for what it is: a damn good game. Plus the soundtrack is one of the best in the series, MIDI or no MIDI.

The story is such: A corrupt curtain of darkness called the Twilight descends upon Hyrule. A simple farmboy named Link Hey Hey, with the help of a snarky little imp named Midna and his trusty horse Epona Pibot, must push back the growing wall of darkness, find the Fused Shadow artifacts, and defeat the evil Usurper King Zant.  Until things get complicated... 

---LP Description---
Because the GameCube version is currently being LP'd dead, I have decided to play the Wii version. This will once again be a 100% LP, wherein I will collect all Heart Pieces, bugs, Poe Souls, weapons, upgrades, and anything else that isn't rendered into the game geometry. Except Rupee chests. I will quickly reach a point where I don't need them anymore.

Each part will usually encompass a full section of the game, be it a dungeon, the mini-quests and preparations before each dungeon, or however long it takes before the video becomes too long for it to be worth watching. Because cutscenes are often lengthy, dramatic and cinematic, most LP parts will have Edited and Uncut versions. Collection videos are inevitable, and supplemental videos or other materials may also be added to the thread. Goons are welcome to make requests for things they want to see or if there's something they think I missed, but remember to block any spoilers with the appropriate tags. Source video downloads may be unavailable depending on your browser.

All parts are co-commentated by Mugiwara Yoshi and/or BigTUnit1 unless stated otherwise.

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(Guest commentary by Moonwalk Invincible and Njsykora, click here for the actual uncut "sequence")

(Guest commentary by Bobbertoriley and Galeboomer)

(Guest commentary by Epee Em and Redundant)

(Guest commentary by Epee Em and Redundant)

(The inexplicably-missed Darkhammer cutscene, courtesy of ZeldapediaVideo)

(Full-length Postman murder, without commentary or speed-up)

(Green Chu clip without commentary)


with Suspicious Dish

---Demo Trailer---
(The video that plays after waiting on the title screen for a few seconds. Source downloadable here)

---Promo MP3s---
(Taken from the official Twilight Princess website)
1) "Hyrule Field Theme"
2) "Ordon Theme"
3) "Twilight Princess Orchestra (Don't Want You No More)"
4) "Twilight Princess Orchestra (Medley)"

---Full game soundtrack---
(Hosted by, only posted because the soundtrack is not commercially available)

---Desktop Wallpaper---
(Taken from the official Twilight Princess website)




(Taken from




(Click on image to see it full-sized)

*Post Office Notice - The Postman


*URGENT NOTICE - Kakariko Goods

*URGENT: Bomb Arrows - Barnes Bombs

*Good Stuff Inside - Barnes Bombs

*Now Open for Business - Lanayru Tourism

*They Came So Quickly! - Telma

*Dear Adventurer (2) - Ooccoo

*Rare Item in Stock - Barnes

*Agitha's Dream - Agitha

*From Wife of Yeto - Yeta

*Heroes, Come Together - Malo Mart

*About Ilia's Memory - Renado

*Challenge for You - Purlo

*Hey Kid!!! - Jr

*Update - Shad


(By Epee Em)

(By Seedy Wizard)

(By Mezurya)

(By xBUBBA1995x, YouTube)

(By KoryTheMaril, YouTube)

(By Silverfoxxx23, YouTube)

(By Amazing-Bucket, Tumblr)

Epee Em posted:

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