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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

by ThornBrain

Part 1: Glitch Run

with Suspicious Dish

Suspicious Dish:
"I love Zelda, I love Let's Plays, and I love speedruns, especially ones involving game-breaking glitches. In my latest attempt to emulate Vicas and the Freelance Astronauts, I'm going to attempt to combine my loves together.

"Zelda games are some of the most broken and glitchy games of all time... in fact, after a year or two of stagnation, we just found a new sequence break for Ocarina of Time, which completely snaps the game in half (the magic starts at 1:08:00). Twilight Princess hasn't been as annihilated as that, but it contains some pretty major sequence breaks as well, and hopefully will provide some form of entertainment."

"My main goal in this run is to show off how badly you can break the game. While I'm using a lot of speedrun tricks and following a speedrun route, this is in no way a serious attempt at a speedrun. The videos I'm posting are heavily edited, even within segments: try and make it a game to find all the jump cuts! (Thorn's note: And make another of all the ones you think I had to make him cut out.) I'm going to attempt to show off all the brokenness that happens, explain all the tricks that I'm using, and if I know, how the tricks themselves work, even if it means that I'm not doing the section as fast as I possibly can."

How is this different than what the Freelance Astronauts did?

"While Maxwell Adams and crew broke the game, they did so through a cheat program called Ocarina - like a GameShark but for the Wii. Everything that you see in these videos is the result of the tricks and glitches that I've done, not cheats, I swear. Every one of these tricks is entirely possible with just a console and controller."

"The Zelda speedrunning community is quite awesome, and there's lots of resources available if you know where to look.

" (ZSR) is the main resource I use. It has information on pretty much all the main tricks of all 3D Zelda games, sometimes with videos and pages giving step by step instructions on the trick itself. If they don't have information on a trick the page itself, usually just Googling the name will help find something.

"ABChimpas's Speedrun is an amazing thing. It's my main video guide to the LP. For every episode I post, I'll be linking to the associated segments in Chimpas's speedrun. It's quite magical, and the guy is much better than I'll ever be.

"A large part of speedrunning is called route planning - that is, figuring what you're going to do when and which tricks you're going to use. You have a bucket of tricks, how do you assemble them into a speedrun that goes fast? I'm nowhere near good enough to plan my own route, so for the most part, I'm going to be following a combination of two. Chimpas has documented his route, but it's incomplete. I'm also going to be making a few changes, and following parts of this route as well. I may add some tricks in as well that aren't part of the main route, either for the sake of showing off more broken or for just making my life easier."

(Videos are co-commentated by ThornBrain. First episode also has Yoshi and Travis.)

(Additional glitches: White Midna, and Kakariko Owl Statue, courtesy of mzxrules)