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Part 2: The human carelessness

Fun fact: last update comprised the entirety of Legie’s demo. Now we’re moving on to the stuff I paid good money to access!

So, last time we got an assignment from the innkeeper: find that horseman and the beer he was carrying. We can’t proceed into the inner part of the city because

Inner gates of the town are closed because of black plague madness.

Instead, let’s pay a visit to the blacksmith. No, we can’t go find the beer yet.

We don’t have any money, or any kind of need for a weapon, but this is required to advance in the game so we’re doing it anyway. Since he is such an upstanding citizen, our hero immediately tries grabbing everything in sight, but we have to talk to the blacksmith first, or

Don’t touch it with your innkeeping hands!

So, are you ready for another exciting story? Then it's time to talk to the blacksmith.

You need anything, boy? I’m a very budy man, nothing to keep me warm apart from this anvil so I cannot let it cool down.
I just came to say my greetings.
That’s nice of you, I don’t hear much of them often. When I think of it, people go to see me only if they want something: repair this, borrow that, they have or give no money… Several bores come hire with aching teeth. Bloody hell a blacksmith is no wise man when it comes to teeth! The truth is, however, that I am the only one in town with a nice pair of tongs.

Yes. People are so poor in this town that the only regular work the blacksmith can get is pulling peoples’ teeth out with his tongs.

What are you forging?
Guards ordered some new weapons, bandits are on the loose. They are hungry, wet, they tie a knot around the town just as wolves. And if all the unhappiness was not enough, the rogues…
I take note… Being here, I would like to look on something. I am interested in weapons, large and crippling!
I have this old mace here. It licked several faces and broke several helmets, but it can serve well. I give you a friendly price, boy.
I will consider it and count the coins.

And thus we steal a small bent iron bar.

Which we use to steal rotting cabbages from this barrel. Finally, we reach the outer gates, which are currently locked and can only be opened by the city guards.

Open the gate!

Vigilant Jilemnice guard will not open the gate.

And all our adventures in town come to a head: we throw the cabbage, which we obtained using a bent pipe from an unhappy blacksmith, at the guard in order to wake him up.

What a stench! What are at scoundrel! Should I answer with my pike?
Don’t sleep and rather open the gate, I have to set for the forest!
The paths are wet, wind breaks sick trees. My advice to you, you should not go alone in these bitter times…
I am going to look for the coachman with beer he is late!

Puzzle solved.
The forest around Jilemnice is very small, only a few screens. It doesn’t take very long to find the coachman, who is in a bit of trouble.

I will get some rope, save your air!

So, it’s back to the town to try and buy some rope. In fact, it’s possible to visit the merchant before this, but you cannot buy rope until this point; the merchant refuses to sell you anything but bottles of wine. Now, however, he is open for business and ready to sell us whatever we want.
As long as it’s wine or ropes, I mean.

What about leaning to speak Czech rather than trying to threaten, you bastard?

Our hero, everybody!

Money enough talk!
I will break your head with this tankard!
What you want?
I need a rope!
Strong rope, like a wire, indian hemp, easy to hang or collar an ox. Give four metal coin!
But deduct one so that I don’t have to burn your shop down!

What a nice guy. Our funds now number exactly one coin, but you’ll see later that one coin is pretty much enough for everything important if you swing things right. In any case, this means our quest is almost over, all we have to do is take the rope to the coachman and get him out of the water and

Poor animal suffering the human carelessness…

...I guess he really didn’t like that coachman, huh?

This update is almost over – all that’s left to do is go and report back to the innkeeper that we’ve found the coachman and the beer is gone. Thanks for all the positive comments, you guys!

I found the unlucky beer coachman! He’s lying down with his belly in a muddy swamp that is crowned with the foamed beer. The barrels are lost and dead horse imprisoned under a heavy coach. We cannot even make sausages! Complete loss.
What a scoundrel! He got what’s been waiting for him. What a pity he did not fall into a fissure, where he would be fried forever as a sinner that only brought troubles to my inn!
RIP to his body and beer.
If you cannot find new stock of beer for the inn, you can join him in the swamp! I do not care where you will plea for the beer, go sign a treaty with the devil for all I care.
I’d rather sign a pact with the beer devils than listen to that unappeasing squabbling!

You heard the man. Tune in next time as we try to find some beer!