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Part 4: Wetness and darkness

By all the Let’s Play devils, it’s time for more Legie!

Last time, we heard about a secret gold-mine from a dying old man, and the lost book of Satan from a local witch. As promised, today will encompass the entirety of the first dungeon, since it's not very long. There will by necessity be some other things going on as well, so don't worry, it's not all dungeon-crawling. And first of all, we need to talk to the witch again.

I met a sick man, that needs help, on my travels! Some old hermit. He will show me the right way in my search!
Then we shall give him the best medicine! I will prepare it from the dried stocks, but the main ingredient must be fresh mine puffballs that grow on mouldy wood in wetness and darkness. Bring me three of them and we shall cure even a giant!

Coincidentally, "wetness and darkness" describes the entirety of the Czech Republic if this game is anything to go by. Specifically, though, all three puffballs are in the mines to which we are now headed. (You can technically do this dialog and quest a bit later, but it just means going through the mines another time to look for them.)
And so, our hero finally reaches the mines. Surely, riches will be his!

Now that we have a torch, we can interact with things in the dark of the mines. However, until we find a weapon, any enemy we find will kill us with literally no recourse, since you can't run from battles. So, we should run to the right and follow the wall until we come to a room with a weapon in it. Don’t go to the left, there’s a bat there and you’ll die.

Now we're free to hit the bats to our heart's content! Though, since we don't have a shield yet, there is no way to stop them hitting us as well, meaning that every fight is basically a war of luck and attrition. On the way to the second level, we also find a bucket!

There are also some carafes of wine hidden in the mines, which essentially work as health potions - especially important at the start when we have no way to avoid damage. Later they'll be less important or necessary. In any case, there are also puffballs in the mines - grab those too. They'll be important later, as you saw. In any case, we continue exploring, and on the second level find the second type of enemy in the game: some dude with a stick!

Kill these the same way as the bats, (clicking and hoping) and you'll get a shield from them!

Hey, a hard wooden shield found a new master.

From this point all combat is trivial. Having the shield out not only blocks but prevents attacks altogether, meaning with enough time you can kill any enemy in the game taking no damage whatsoever. Anyway, on the second level we also, as per the old man's words, find this hole and use the iron bar on it.

By all the beggars, I found a golden seam!

We're rich!
Except that we have no pickaxe or way to smelt the gold. Back to the dungeon it is, then.
Here's an important room, located on the third level:

This scroll, and its "really interesting g rock breaking mixture," will come into play much, much later, but it’s important to remember the ingredients because this is the only place it’s written down. The room also has some more coins for us to grab.

Yes, twelve metal ones into the pouch!

And, as you can see, there’s an oil lamp hanging from the ceiling, which we use to soak our rag with oil.
Then we find the obligatory minecart present in every dungeon crawler!

I'm sure anyone who has played a videogame knows where this is going: flipping switches. This one’s rusty, though, so we oil it with the oily rag. This cart can go to either of two destinations. One dead-ends, but contains the last puffball and this:

We can fill our bucket with coal here, and any time in the game I mention using coal, it's obtained by trooping back down here and getting some. That's made easier by the fact that no enemies in the game respawn, so after a certain point you don't have to worry about enemies, just running out of torches. Anyway, the other route is important, because it leads further into the dungeon:

Water buried the lower levels for aeons...

By this time, you know the drill - kill an enemy or two and explore the cave. There's not much down here - one of the side rooms, however, has a key ripe for the taking.

Lo, some small key...

And that's it, we've cleared the dungeon! There's no lower levels beyond this point, and to the developer's credit it really only takes about fifteen minutes to do the whole thing. As for the key, well, back on level there’s a conspicuous locked door. That’s where the key fits.

Well, the key fits!

What’s inside?

A machine for melting gold down to make gold coins. Unfortunately, it appears to be broken at the moment, but you can probably guess that we’ll fix it up soon enough.
This ends the first dungeon-crawling segment of the game – now we’re back to dialog and puzzles, at least for a while. There's one more dungeon, right at the end of the game, but that's all.
First things first: we'll need a pickaxe to exploit that seam of gold. The miner in the bar has one, let's go talk to him.

We have run out of beer anyway.
By all the mining devils, you can know a lord by the servant! Jack running around in rain and the innkeeper cannot even arrange beer delivery! I have never seen such!

I've never noticed this before, but I think the miner just gave us our hero's name! I'm genuinely astounded by this, though frankly the earlier suggestion of Dirty Neckbeard fits him better.

Despite all the bad things, I would have a small and humble request...
What a strange land! When city granary burned noone cried. When beer ran out, you can go mad with anger!
You keep playing and don't interrupt us!
Considering the request, would it be possible...
If you have no beer, go and buy from the merchant! You will know real good taste...

Any time we ask the miner for a pickaxe, he gets distracted by his hatred of all foreigners and yells at us about them. This is actually a puzzle! Remember earlier, when I mentioned you can give the bagpipe-player a coin to have him perform?

His poetry is truly the best. Our request distracts him enough that Jack can talk to the miner without being interrupted. Now we can finally get that pickaxe!

If there is no beer, what should I keep listening to?
A pickaxe is laying here, mind if I borrowed it?
If you want to dig rocks, I will want your service in exchange!
Certainly, what should it be?
If there is no beer, a time of full bloodied mining drink has come. It is an iron man's soup, that I hereby request. Cook me one countryside cabbage soup. Also boil a nice piece of meat with a bone, so that the soup is full with fat eyes. At the end use tobacco instead of salt or poor pepper and stir above a flame until brown!

You knew it couldn’t be so easy, didn’t you? Well, we know how to get the cabbage from the beginning of the game. And, fortunately, the merchant now sells tobacco, so that part is easy as well. But how do we get a nice piece of meat? How can Jack fix the machine in the mines? And what does this have to do with beer or the devil? That’ll have to wait for next time. Until then, here’s a preview of the next update:

Thanks again for reading, everyone!