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Part 5: I lost my milk in horror

Welcome back to Legie, everyone. Last time, we found a broken minting machine. It was missing a gear and some way to blow air into the furnace, but then we had no way to get gold to put in it anyway. Today, we work towards sorting both those problems out. We may even get rich! To do that, however, we have to go and turn in those puffballs to the witch, so we can cure the old dying man in the caves.

Did you bring the mushrooms?
I bring all three sticky mouldy mine mushrooms! Happy?
I have never seen such huge ones! Two would be enough... But anyway the medicine will wake the sick man up...

You can't bring her two. You have to bring her all three.

Let me stir, cook, and pour your flacon full of the best medicine of them all!
Thank you, I am running away to heal and keep searching...

She gives us medicine and we head over to the old man's cave to help him out. After all, he told us about the gold, he deserves some happiness in life.

Who goes there!
A pitiful young man, can you recognize my voice? I bring you a medicine against pain, because I am very thankful, I hope it will ease your suffering a bit. Take it as a goodbye, I honor your wish of calmness and will no longer disturb the meditation...

And I'm going to show you exactly what happens next, because it’s amazing.

By all the devils, what did it do to him? The hag was right, really an all powerful medicine...

And we go to the bar, where the innkeeper is desperate for beer. If you talk to him before you kill the old man, he just tells you to leave and never come back. Now that the hermit's dead, though, we can proceed with the plot!

Beer! I must drink some beer or my heart will burst! Where are the new barrels, you scoundrel? Where have you been all that time?

Now, we don't have any beer, obviously. But we do have a vomit-and-oil-soaked rag, which is pretty much the same thing.

This wet rug licked a couple of beer drops more than once.
Wring it into the tankard! What a revulsion, it tastes as an oil vomited from the belly! My throat clutches, did you want to poison me? Ooohhh, what cramps, I have to eat some bacon. I will punish you when I get back!

And he never comes back, so I guess we killed him.

That was not the smartest thing to do.

And yet it was, because now we can rob the inn!

By all the innkeepers, a handful of sulphur to clean drunken up barrels... I will take it nevertheless! Behold him, cheater, he still had a golden coin sewn in!

We get a handful of sulphur and a golden coin. This is neccesary to progress in the game's story.
Now we take the spare gear from the machine to the blacksmith, to see if he can make a second one.

What should I do with this toothed thing?
If I left it here as a blueprint, could you forge a similar one six inches wide, so that it can form a gear assembly with this one?
Done already, ordered by an old foreman of the miners' guild. He probably hit his head with a pickaxe and forgot to pick it up in time. Bandits, miners, I did not even get an advance!
What is its value?
One bitten old gold coin!

We've got both the gears the machine needs. Next it's time to visit the mother and child, who are begging in the streets downtown. This does have relevance to our quest, just bear with me here.

Stop shouting!

What a horrible thing happen to you, that you lost your milk?
In that stormy night when hurricane was tearing away the roofs, flashes of lightning collided in the skies. It was nearly light outside as in a god's high noon. The land trembled, clouds cracked, I held my crying son firmly. A fireball raced through the wall, a deafening blast and everything went white. Blinded from the flash I saw only death and smelled suffocating smoke. Men tried to put out the fire in the nearby granary, nothing remained from our house...
Flash as a fireball? Unseen things usually predict something evil.
If your pouch is too heavy, my pleading hand is opened.

If you recall, we grabbed some bread from the inn way back in the first update.

Would you like a piece of fair bread?
Let benevolent God in heaven thank you!
My journey does not lead me exactly to heaven.

Now, this next bit only happens if you gave the beggar bread.

We just gave her bread, so I'm sure she doesn't need that meat. So we steal it.
We go back to the hermit's cave to grab water from the spring, using the bucket. After a quick stop at the merchant to buy some tobacco, and to the barrel of cabbages in town, we've got everything we need to get that pickaxe from the miner!
If you remember, there's a pot on the fire in the inn. With the innkeeper dead, there's noone to stop us using it, so let's make some soup. First we put in the water. Second, cabbages.

I squish the cabbage head with my boots imagining the innkeeper's face oh how smart my revenge is!

You already killed him, Legie-guy, just let it go!

I throw bits of slimy meat to boil. Tobacco with a pouch, so that the meal becomes yellow and even a sight of it satisfies the hunger of a customer.

That done, we talk to the miner.

It's boiling now, the best ingredients I could find! You will scream with delight! Can you smell it?
It certainly smells nicely. Maybe instead of a servant you could start studying cooking!
Do you want the soup now?
Of course not, the soup must now cool down and tobacco strings grow like noodels. I will help myself, get the pickaxe and run.

Finally, a pickaxe! All we need now is to get some kind of bellows and we can finally become rich. That'll have to wait for next time, though - stay tuned! But here's a peek at the next update: