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by corn in the bible

Part 7: Mess and decay



It’s time for the final dungeon of Legie. The rest of the game has some, well, quality issues. But this is the only part that I actually dislike going through, because it’s tedious rather than ridiculous. I actually took several days to do this, because at first I was going to do the whole thing without buying any supplies, and wound up halfway through with no health and lots of enemies between me and the exit. So this time, let’s stock up as much as we can on delicious, life-giving wine.
That means we’re going to gamble our life’s savings away, if you were wondering.

There’s one last character in the bar we haven’t talked to yet, and it’s this guy. He runs a simple game of dice, and I could explain it to you, but it’s much better if he does it for me.

We are playing the simplest game of them all. All my trying to enrich the game with more interesting rules crashed on the rocks of general stupidity.
What rocks? Where?
I talk, you listen. Give a metal coin as a deposit and we shall play one shuffling. I give you a moment to focus your experienced eye and then I will start shuffling. You have to watch the right shell and be vigilant, because I shuffle damn fast! When you have been confused enough, I form a line of shells again, and you will point to the only shell you thing hides the ball. If the shell uncovers only air, I will call you a blind man that just lost a coin!

This is why you shouldn’t spend all your metal coins: you can get more from this guy. But, you know, only if you have any to bet in the first place. Anyway, it’s really challenging and I had to save and reload multiple times to win as much as possible.

See? Impossible.

By all the devils, How is it possible? Well, take one you “fortuna.”
Metal coin in my pocket, no luck in love in the future!

After winning eight times, he simply refuses to play further. But that’s fine, we’ve got eighteen coins, enough to buy four carafes of wine. With our three torches, we’re now fully supplied to explore the caves. This will be a little more in depth than the other dungeon description was, since this one is more than just a straight run to the end. It has mazes.

Remember, last time we opened up a corridor. At the end, it forks – one route goes upstairs, the other to the right. We go right. It looks like some kind of mausoleum, which agrees with what we had heard before.

Most probably a place of the final rest, the coffins can hardly be buried in stone. What a poor cemetery mine worms climb into the open coffins for a feast.

We keep following the main path and hit this wall.

Using the pickaxe, we knock it down! Behind are seven more metal coins and, more importantly, a handful of sulphur. Combined with the one from the inn, that brings us to two out of five!
Nearby, there’s stairs that go down to the next level. We take them, and find the lower levels flooded. Scrawled on the wall is the message “1 9 4”. Could be important. This area forms a one-way loop, so we keep going counter-clockwise. Everything’s flooded and useless, but right at the end we find three dials.

Do you understand this solution? Good. We’ve solved the only puzzle in this dungeon.

We keep going counter-clockwise. We loop around again and eventually find this coffin, no longer under water. It has a key, which we take. Back to that fork, it’s time to go upstairs!

Trampled grains all around, deep granary here if you want my opinion.

There are no grains.
Almost immediately, we’re jumped by a man in armor.

With him dispatched, it’s a simple matter of wandering aimlessly with no direction until we find more sulphur. All the rooms look pretty much identical, so here’s some highlights.

Exciting stuff. Along the way we fight about a dozen of those guards, and they take forever to kill. Finally, all five sulphurs in hand, we return to the exit and

God damn it. Fine.

Anyway, that’s done, and the dungeon is finished! What do we do with this sulphur, you may ask? Hidden in the forest, there’s one more cave, one that ends at a dead end of iron bars… but also has a barrel full of ammonia, another ingredient for the explosive. Perfect!

We just shove everything in there – some coal from the mines, and all the sulphur. Then we light it, and run for cover. Thankfully, the explosion only destroys the metal bars, and nothing else!
We proceed down the newly opened cave. Hopefully, the end of our quest lies at the end of this pathway and