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by corn in the bible

Part 8: The Finale

Welcome back to Legie. Today, you’ll finally get to see how the story ends. First though, I’d like to talk about my experience with this game.

When I bought Legie and realized what it was like, I got a few friends together and we played all the way to this very point. And then, we got stuck. None of the NPCs in the game will respond to anything you do after you open the chest. Some, like the merchant, are missing entirely (maybe someone finally burned down his shop). The Witch just tells you she has no time to talk to you. It was a mystery.

I didn’t finish the game properly until a month after that. Because that’s when the maker of the game wrote me back, and told me what to do.

First, we need to open the chest again. If the chest is closed, even after you’ve unlocked it, then no matter what you cannot solve the puzzle. This threw me off quite a bit. However, that done we take the iron pipe from our inventory and click on the inside of the chest. This opens the chest’s secret compartment that can only be found or opened using an iron bar. I don’t really know how you’d figure this out, but it works.

Thankfully, inside that compartment is the Grimoire of Satan.

Now, at this point, we’ve more or less won, but I promised multiple endings, didn’t I? And there are indeed two very different ways this situation can play out. We have the book, let’s go talk to the witch one last time.

I found the decaying book full of scribbling and strange letters! What next?
You really did it! Your freedom is at hand, my lord!
What crazy old talk?

I’m siding with the hero on this one, frankly.

I am still a beer hand, that risked his life for the damned book. My body is full of scars and I am hungry. Even miracles will not appease me!

Dude just wants the beer he was promised, which is fair.

The things are not as they appear, people do not know themselves. Your life is in your hands, my lord, just as the reins of this world!
I do not understand anything, enlighten me, please? I drowned my reason in beer.

Look around, how much water came here with you, how much unhappiness and human suffering. You tricked the immortals where others saw only rock. There is more within you than you can comprehend, human head, oh my lord!

I guess she has a point, we have murdered several people.

I brought so much destruction, without knowing? Am I a toy of something much more horrific or do I have a power to decide? I am going crazy from the wine, I feel the trembling inside my head! Damned people, I don’t care about them! But still I am not such a fool to play with others’ fates! My consciousness boils like a kettle of indecisive tar!
Hand me that nexus, oh spirited one, and you will receive the world! All stars of the creation are looking right here, the time is near!
No! Let the burning flames consume me, if it’s all true!

He flees the witch, running back to town in order to turn himself in.

Why are you yelling here as a man possessed!
I am possessed by the devil, squirming in madness and yelling to all the world that I hold terrible witchcraft in my hands!
By all the devils, I shall sound the alarm!


And so, pure valor together with the serenity of heart, of an innkeeper’s hand, plain at first sight and mocked by everyone, conquered the devil himself with the highest sacrifice.

The end.

...Or rather, that’s how it could have ended. But, frankly, our hero thinking of anyone else besides himself seems a little, you know, out of character. Would he really let himself be killed over something as unimportant as demon possession? That doesn't sound like the Mr. Beer I know! So, what really happened?

Honestly, I’m not sure you’re ready to find out. But, if you’re sure, then read on.

Hand me that nexus, oh spirited one, and you will receive the world! All stars of the creation are looking right here, the time is near!
Yes, If I am the chosen one, I will follow my destiny!

Are you sure you’re ready for this?

Ok. We give the book to the witch.

And then, Jack becomes Satan.

Though, since most people call him "beer here", he is probably a beer.


And the devil in full strength finished the destruction of the land. Pitiful people of Jilemnice burnt in mighty roar and the city crumbled to dust. And that was just a beginning of the large transformation of the whole world.

And so, Jack finally got everything he ever wanted, except for the beer I guess. In any case, our story finally comes to a close. We’ve beaten Legie.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I have! But, as people have suggested, there will be one more update, this time covering Lake Queen, the other game by the Legie developers. Stay tuned, and remember to stay full of strength and wisdom for great deeds!