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Part 3: Bonus Reckless Behavior

In this short segment, we see what happens if you follow the Dark Being.

It's not pretty.

End of Update
I said it was short

Kgummy posted:

It's been so long since I played, so I forgot just how boneheaded the guy is, though.

Yeah, it's easy to mentally tag Dr. Krick as the standard "scientist in over his head" horror/sci-fi cliche and not think about it any further. It's when you actually stop and think about what he's been doing lately that you realize his stupidity goes beyond the usual hijinks.

Sure, maybe his research is so secret that he has to work alone. And reckless experimentation pretty much comes with the lab coat. But stepping through the portal, with nobody at the controls? Letting a strange but clearly intelligent being wander about the laboratory?

Wait, it gets better. Consider this:

It's hard to be certain how long things are "really" taking in the game, but even with the most generous possible assumptions (long winding drive to the lighthouse, time wasted searching for the keys, slow reader, etc.) it can't be more than an hour since Dr. Krick left. Remember: We saw the lighthouse machinery activate - the St. Elmo's fire visible from the window of my house. That was Dr. Krick on his way out.

Conclusion: It took The World's Dumbest Scientist less than an hour to get himself captured and strapped to a table.