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Part 5: Bonus Puzzle Box

So there was that strange ornamental box. The one I found back in the lighthouse. Going by Dr. Krick's notes, that box was given to him by the inhabitant of this tower. Well, in this bonus update we're going to try and open it!

The box could easily be an entire update's worth of screenshots by itself, so I'm going to do this by video instead.

Please forgive the gratutious cube-spinning - I was having a bit of trouble with the interface.

The first few puzzles can be solved by just clicking on everything until you find something that works. But then... this happens:

Yep, the third face of the box is a sliding-panel puzzle.

Personally, I'm fine with them. You just need to be systematic, and know how to manipulate a 2x3 block (the "two wheels" approach).

Of course, I was raised on puzzle books. I know a lot of people hate these things. Unfortunately, the puzzle is randomized each time, so I can't just tell you the solution. You have to solve it yourself.

Or you would, except the programmers left in a way to bypass this part of the box!

From the sliding puzzle, back up until you're staring at the desk.

Then zoom back in on the box, and open the sliding puzzle again.

Do this about four or five times, and Lighthouse will offer to solve the puzzle for you.

As far as I know, this is the only time the game does this for you. A Sierra game, being merciful?

Ta-da! You may recognize this image from Krick's notes. It's the insignia of the inventor from the tower. Given the bird motive, he's probably the one who built Jerkbot and the murderhawks. Not sure what that's all about, though.

Solving the puzzle gets us this cryptic hint. Remember it for later.

Now then, back to the video.

The "fish" puzzle is a bit tricky. "Click everything" won't help you; you have push the panels by color to succeed, and there's no indication of which colors are the correct ones. Of course, there's not too many other things to try.

And here we must stop. There's nothing else I can do here; nothing on the inner panel or any of the outer panels reacts to my clicking.

I need to place something on that circle. But nothing currently in my inventory comes close to the proper size and shape... so the item I need must be somewhere else. Perhaps in the parallel world.

We're not done with the puzzle box yet, though. Not by a long run.

End of Update

There seem to be a strong majority in favor of Submarine Later, so that's what I'll do. Next chapter hopefully coming soon.