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Part 18: The Volcano, part 4

Now we know why I try not to drive in reverse. Let's reload that save file, shall we?

This time I'll cross the bridge head-first, so I can see what I'm doing.

Forward gear won't save me from derailing, but at least now I can see the danger ahead. Because Drilltrain has some inertia, it's best to cut the throttle the moment the break in the tracks becomes visible, then inch forward until that "look outside the train" icon shows up.

There's the problem. Sabotage, or just unrepaired damage from an accident? Regardless, I need to fix this to move on.

Once more into Drilltrain's toolbox!

> Got Spike Puller.

First, let's yank the spikes out of this bent rail. That's what they're called, right? Spikes? I'm not a railroadologist, I don't know these things

Now I just need a replacement.

Perfect. There's a few intact pieces of rail on this disused side track further ahead. It shouldn't be a problem if I pull one off.

> Got Rail Segment.

There we go, good as new.

What? Drive in some new spikes? Eh, I don't have a hammer. I'm sure I can drive over it just fine as it is.

See? No problem.

Past the broken junction is just a blank rock wall. End of the line! ...or is it?

According to the map of the volcano, I should be at the end of the track all the way to the left. Just past this wall a side room of the laboratory. The only way in there is through the lab... so he certainly won't be expecting me to come from that direction, will he?

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for.

I hope you enjoyed that, because it's the only time we get to use the drill.

On the other side of the hole is this little cave. The window on the right overlooks the harbor - we saw it from the other side when we first entered the volcano. So far everything is matching up to the map perfectly.

Hang on, what's this? That piece of wood looks familiar. Have I seen that shape before?

Well I'll be damned. It's another one of the weapon parts! Come to papa, you-

w e l c o m e

Part #6 - the Artifact of Destiny - is different. For one thing, it's not an inventory item. Clicking on it instead brings me to this screen. When I'm ready, I'll be able to assemble the weapon here.

Unfortunately, I'm still short a piece, so this is as far as I can get for now.

On the other end of the room is another door. The copper pipes to either side confirm that I'm in the right place.

I'm in luck! The Dark Being is home and he hasn't spotted me.

(I love that little walk he does here. Cracks me up every time.)

Looks like I'm just in time - he's hooking up a Fresnel lens into that machine. That's gotta be the portal generator!




I just can't take this guy seriously as a threat. I'm sorry.

I'm not allowed to follow the Dark Being into his little hidey-hole, but at least now I won't be ambushed as I look around.

Let's see if I can't wake up Dr. Krick - for real, this time.

First, I need to pull the lever on the left. That lowers the little colander-hat onto his head.

The next step is to flip one or both of the switches, and adjust the dial until I get a reading. Once the display lights up, I pull the lever on the right.

If this happens, I've got the switches in the wrong position. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way to identify a "bad" setting without zapping the hell out of the poor guy.

As it happens, this is the correct setting. The panel only lights up at one dial position for every combination of the switches, so it doesn't take too much trial and error to find this.

Oh, my head... Where am I?

Well, he's awake, but he doesn't seem eager to be moving around. Maybe he just needs some time. I'll finish exploring the lab while I wait.

Control Panel count: 13

The Dark Being's portal machine. Though it's supposedly a copy of Dr Krick's, its control scheme is completely different.

Hmm. This might actually be useful. Like the other machine, it can bridge the gap between worlds... which means it can bring me back to the lighthouse. Or rather, bring us back to the lighthouse. It's more convenient than the teleporter in the temple - the Batplane looked like a one-seater, and I'm not sure Lyra would let Dr. Krick up into the dome anyway. (Not that I'd blame her.)

On the other hand, I have no idea how to operate the machine here. None of the wheels or levers seem to do anything, no matter what order I work them in. It... it is plugged in, right? Maybe I should look for the instruction manual.

There's a locked chest under a table next to the machine. The Dark Being wasn't kind enough to drop a key as he left, but that's okay. I'm not the novice adventurer from earlier, stymied by locks at every turn. Mr. Crowbar taught me the proper way to deal with locks.

The answer is always in Drilltrain's toolbox. Always.

> Got Pick.

On my way back in, I have a sudden sense of déjà vu.

Yep, he's trying to get the portal machine started again. Actually, no matter how many times I scare him off, he'll be back at it the next time I come in through this door.

This time, rather than barge right in, I'm going to let him work.

The Dark Being's machine is so much better than Dr. Krick's in every way. It's glorious.

Wow, that worked perfectly. Portal open, Dark Being gone....

...Dr. Krick still loose. Why are we afraid of the Dark Being again?

Anyway, now that we've got a way out, let's show Dr. Krick his daughter again.

Where are my blueprints?

Blueprints? Oh yeah, they were stolen, weren't the? Hang on, I think I know where they are.

I'm picking the lock!


> Got Portal Blueprints.

Here y'go, doc.

Once Amanda and the plans are both safe, Dr. Krick is willing to leave.

And that's that! Dr. Krick and Amanda are now safely back at the lighthouse.

I'd like to take out the Dark Being, too, but he's proven too quick to catch. I can't think of any way to destroy this machine, either. Oh well. For now, I think I've done enough.

Time to go home.


Of course, that's not all.

What we just saw was the "basic" ending, which you get when you rescue Dr. Krick and Amanda, but fail to do anything about the source of the problem (that being the Dark Being and his portal generator).

Next chapter, I'll start working toward the "best" ending, in which I give the Dark Being and his bloody machine what-for. To do that, I'll have to backtrack out of the volcano and explore an entirely new area. Stay tuned.