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Part 16: The Apocalypse Room

Update 16: The Apocalypse Room (Polsy)


The Cathedral



The Winds of Chaos

Vanille once fought alongside Lightning against their shared fate, and she sacrificed herself to become part of the crystal pillar that saved Cocoon. Thirteen years ago, she woke from her eternal sleep and was quickly taken under the care of the Order, who proclaimed her a saint.

When she awoke, it seemed that Vanille somehow gained the ability to hear the cries of the dead. Vanille herself says that she wants to use this power to bring peace to the dead. It is a wish born of the remorse that she still feels for all the deaths for which she believes she was responsible.

The dead of this world have become part of the endless swirl of Chaos. Feeling the power of it, Lightning realizes that this responsibility is too much for Vanille alone to bear. Yet the one person who has always been at Vanille's side to support her is not there. Fang is gone.


People: Oerba Dia Vanille

Vanille was raised in the isolated village of Oerba on the Surface of Gran Pulse. A series of events led her and her best friend, Fang, to sleep for hundreds of years as statues of crystal.

When she woke for her long sleep, she found herself telling lie after lie, not wanting to face the painful reality of who she was or what she had done. Vanille's presence affected the fates of many people forever, including Serah. But with Lightning and her other friends, she was able to face reality and bring about a miracle to help atone for the many who were sacrificed because of her choices. She and Fang became the crystal pillar that held Cocoon aloft, saving it and its millions of inhabitants.

Nearly a thousand years have passed, until Vanille and Fang woke thirteen short years ago. Now the Order keeps her in their clutches, calling her their "saint" and believing her to have mystical powers.


Locations: The Cathedral of Luxerion

Towering over the Luxerion skyline is the grand headquarters of the Order of Salvation.

During the day, a grand hall called the Hall of Devotion is open to the public, and believers come to hear the sermonizing of the priestess who leads the Order. Pilgrims stream to the cathedral, many of them hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious saint who lives deep within the cathedralóbut few are rewarded.

Beneath the cathedral is God's Sanctum. This special chamber stands ready for the ceremony that the Order will perform on the last day of the worldóonly a select few are allowed to enter it.