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Original Thread: If Dr. Caligari Made a Game; Let's Play Limbo [VLP]


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The Plot
A small boy awakens alone deep within a forest. He sets out to find his lost sister.
That’s it.

The Game
This title received quite a bit of hype since its release in 2010, including a few “Game of Year’s” bestowed upon it and other achievements on its developers. While originally released only on XBLA, it has been ported to PSN, Steam, and more recently, the Mac App Store. It was also included in an indie game trio pack alongside Trials HD and ’Splosion Man last year. Is all the exaltation reasonable? Is this game really so good as to put it on such a high pedestal? We’ll find out.

The LP
This will be a commentated VLP. Yes, commentated. However, I will be refraining from talking much over the game itself except to speak on new mechanics and brief situational comments. I promise not to ruin your atmosphere, game!

Gore Filter/Deaths?
I will have the gore filter off and I will so the more gruesome or shortsighted deaths. Depending on how many times I die outside of these, I may cut the others out. We’ll wait and see.


Ep.1: YouTube
Ep.2: A Spider's YouTube
Ep.3: Brain Slug YouTube
Ep.4: This is the YouTube
Ep.5: Conclusion YouTube
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