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Little Inferno

by Fiendly

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Original Thread: Be cool about fire safety, you got a lot to burn! Let's Play Little Inferno



The world is a frozen wasteland. You can't leave your home. Your possessions are useless. But fret not! The Tomorrow Corporation provides a solution to all these problems with the wonderful Little Inferno! Simply sit yourself in front of it (not too close, though!), toss in the nearest lesser object, and set it alight for moments of unmitigated joy! When you run out of stuff to burn, just open your handy catalog and Tomorrow Corporation will send more flammables to your door in a jiffy! Buy one today!

Or you can join me and Zandra as we explore the simple joys and untold secrets of this incredible digital toy from the creators of World of Goo! Check the available items and combos after each video and help us solve every combo in the game, but don't be a wet blanket and tell us ones you already know or looked up. nO spOILERrrrs! Just play along, help us out, and enjoy Little Inferno!

Chimney Stuffer/Items & Combos

Totally Recalled Toys/Items & Combos

Snooty Foodie/Items & Combos

1st Person Shopper/Items & Combos

Bonus: The Grand Master

Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living/Items & Combos

Shop & Awe/Items & Combos

Existence, Now/Items & Combos


Bonus: The Completionist/Full Combo Spoiler
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