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Part 8: Tension resolved…?

Rachel has granted you permission to enter
Please enter your name

Hello there, folks. We have a couple of different things we can do now; Rachel’s room is the closest, so we might as well pop in and say hi.

And yes, you do have to enter Cube’s name for your first visit to each crew member’s room.

Registration complete
Entry granted

Oh-hoh, hi there Kirk. That was a quick visit.

I’ve got a job to do in the cockpit. Come along if you want!

Sure, we could do that. Or…

I want to talk to you about something. Meet me in the cockpit at 0330 hours.

Email 02
Sender: Kirk

Thanks for coming. I was really happy. Once we get back to Earth, let’s go on a trip somewhere.

I’m choosing not to comment on that last sentence, because it’s entirely too obvious.

Alright, time to look around some more. There are elevators at the north and south ends of all levels.

The door at the north end of level 3 is the cockpit, but let’s keep poking about.

Levels 1 and 3 are closer to straight paths rather than being circuits like level 2; this here is Mother Computer’s main room, not to be confused with the terminal room down below.

Let me introduce you to a friend.

--We meet again, Cube--
--I am the Computer that maintains this ship--

It makes sure everything stays in good working order. Well then… The system checks out, so…

Nope, still exploring.

Alright then, see you there. Learn as much as you can along the way!

Fun fact: Both the visit to Rachel’s room and the Mother Computer are entirely optional. We have to visit either the cockpit or the hold to progress, and Rachel/Kato will be in those places anyway.

Down past the southern elevator is a room that we are never actually required to go into.

It doesn’t have an energy source attached to it, though.

Ah-ha, here’s prototype 02! Sorry that Kato abandoned you, buddy.

Well, time to look at level 1. There’s nothing of interest at the south end, but the north features the ship’s airlock.

Swanky. The spacesuits are Kirk’s, Kato’s and Rachel’s from left to right.

Here are a pair of switches which we will never, ever use. #2 opens the inner airlock door. #1 opens the outer door.

Suffice it to say that you should not open both doors at once. Also, say hi to the gimmick of the chapter: Instant game-overs! There are… three things that can kill you in this chapter outside of combat. The airlock is one of them, but you have to be an idiot to get caught out by this.

Isn’t it, though? Kirk said he didn’t want to see it, though. I guess he just doesn’t want to accept that there are other life forms out there…

He’s not a bad guy… But I just don’t really understand him sometimes.

Well, he was a space explorer, after all. He’s rather jaded.

As we enter the hold, we can hear Kato and Huey having a conversation. It continues as we get closer… But man, Kirk must have been a bad explorer if this is his first encounter with alien life. That, or there’s not much of it out there.

I mean, you and Kirk are basically polar opposites!


Ah… Having to work with your ex sounds rough. Especially with just a crew of five.

It definitely resembles a certain other Behemoth in shape, if not in colour.

Well… As they say, every rose has its thorn! Or in this case, two massive fangs!

*Radio noises occur*

What’s the matter?

Something’s up with the comm system.

Oh… Hey there, Corporal.

Uh, Kato, before I forget, could you check out the air ducts?

Sure thing.

You got it, chief.

We can interact with the console once he’s gone, but we’ve already seen the display of what the creature looks like. And its voice clip is the beast screeching.

The southern end of the hold just leads directly to the elevator.

The air ducts are also areas that we can technically go to later, but have no real reason to do so. This scene simply lets us know they’re there.

Oh, and there’s one other thing we can do.

Try and get into the Corporal’s room without permission.

Robots are robots! They’re the same!

He then gets huffy and storms into his room.

Now, progression is in the cockpit. But there’s a small scene if we go there instead of the hold.


In an alternate reality:

catch his coward disease!

Man, lay off poor Huey. Not everyone can be mister big tough space explorer.

I’m the communications officer. I check the antennae to make sure everything’s working properly.

*Voom. Voom. Voom.*

That’s odd…

What’s wrong?

The main antenna’s acting up.

And then we hear the same conversation as before, except because we’re already in the cockpit, we immediately get thrown into the next scene.


He said to figure it out and get it working.

Yeah, it’s fine. The main and sub-antennae are in totally different locations. There’s nothing to worry about.

We can receive transmissions from home with no problem at all, but we can’t send them out!

It might as well be totally kaput already.

Communication’s useless if it only goes one way.

That’s not entirely true, but go on.

No sweat! I’ll just hop outside, tinker a bit, and be back. Warp speed!

Oh boy, he has a catchphrase.

Sure thing.

I’ll cover the airlock controls. Then I’ll return and back you up from here.

And we were almost home, too… I was hoping I wouldn’t have to be alone with Huey again…

Hey, you decided to break up with him and hook up with Kirk while still in space. It’s your own fault.

Rachel promptly tries to distract herself by contacting the captain.

What is it?

Kirk and Kato are going outside.

............................ I understand. Good thinking.

That was weird… Wonder if he’s feeling alright?

Captain Hol does seem a bit distant.

Alright, let’s see how this unscheduled spacewalk is going.

Don’t mess with me, you son of a bitch!!

C-cut it out, Kirk!

Alright, children. Break it up.

Ouch. Can’t a robot get a little gratitude?

You’re a damn coward! Don’t you forget! That’s why Rachel dumped you!

You might have noticed by now, but Huey is basically this chapter’s punching bag.

We, uh… Yeah, we know that.

Kirk and Kato make their way outside, and Huey chats with us briefly before heading back to the cockpit. We should head up there as well, make sure everything goes well.


Rachel has nothing to say with Huey here, so let’s keep things rolling.

Okay then.

...That’s cold.

OK. Kato, enter your password and switch it over to maintenance mode.

Sure thing. Let’s see… W...A...T...A...N...A...B... Huh? Kirk? Is something wrong?

D-don’t worry, it’s nothing.

Are you all right?

I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.

Wh-what’s wrong!? What happened!?

*long pause*

... Hey! Answer me! What happened!?

*another pause*

Oh… oh my God!

I’m bringing him back inside!

...It begins.

Checking Main Antenna ........................................ All red
Checking Sub Antennae ........................................ All red
Transmission currently impossible on all channels

Some people in the thread have been alluding to this (and Seyser Koze is being the world’s least subtle goon about it), but Watanabe is a name to remember.

Despite everyone going to the airlock, there’s no one there if Cube tries to join them. Instead we need to go to sick bay.

(Music stops.)

His entire body is a peculiar shade of blue…



I double-checked it myself! It’s really odd that it would fail…

Damn straight it is.


Wha… what the!?

... He wouldn’t respond when I called him…

What the hell is up with this ship!?

A very, very good question.

Let’s check out the source of that explosion.

I’ll go check on the cargo.

If anything happens, I’ll be in the cockpit.


Things are kinda bad right now. We should probably check on Rachel.

Hey, Rachel. What’cha doing?

Oh. You’re going crazy with grief.