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by Yapping Eevee

Part 10: Where things don’t start looking up.

I’m sorry… I… I mean, it was so sudden…

Rachel seems a little more… sensible, after almost getting everyone sucked into space.

Of course, we have another issue to contend with.

Perhaps a little coffee will help…

I’m so tired… I’m sorry, Cube. I wanted you to be able to learn lots of fun things…

Th-thank you, Cube. I’d like to say that it isn’t hopeless, but given the circumstances…

... Hmph!

...Okay, maybe next time. Rachel, you want this?


Once Rachel has some coffee, the screen up top buzzes to life.


What, are you serious!? That’s… Quite unfortunate…

...Does that seem familiar to anyone?

How long do you intend to stay hold up in that room!?


I thiiiink something might be a lil’ bit screwy, here.

Speaking of things that are screwy…

Despite the urge to save his crewmates from the Behemoth loose on board, there’s not a whole lot Kato would be able to do out there.

But it’s only a few moments before he rushes out there anyway.

And of course, we’re going to go after them.

I-is… Rachel…?

Don’t worry. She’s still alive.

... It… It’s okay. I… I just… Even now, I… Rachel…

Rest in peace, Huey. You showed us that you weren’t a coward… Not when it mattered.

We’ve got to do something.

Let’s get her into one of the Cold Sleep capsules. She ought to be fine in there.

Can you go to the computer terminal? Ask the Mother Computer for the password to the captain’s room. I know it’s dangerous, but you’re the only one I can ask…

Of course, Kato. Cube will do whatever he can to help…


The crew of the Cogito Ergosum is getting smaller and smaller… The music continues to play here; I think it’s part of Cry-A-Live. It works well as another quiet and mournful track.

Before we visit the Mother Computer’s terminal, the lock on Huey’s quarters has already been released.

Personal Diary posted:

Month X, Day X
The results of the test I took on Earth should be ready soon. If I pass, I’ll become Captain of my own ship. I’m keeping it a secret at the moment. When we get to Earth, I’ll surprise them. If I pass, it’ll be kinda sad, but I’ll have to leave this ship. Before I leave this ship for good, I would like to have a nice long talk with Rachel.

Oh, Huey…


External Transmission
Month X, Day X
Shipmaster Authority

Greetings. We regret to inform you that you did not pass the exam for qualification as a ship captain. The next exam period is in six months.
--Shipmaster Authority

Poor guy just never caught a break.


(Music stops.)

And just to make things worse, the Behemoth is camping out in front of the terminal room where Cube needs to be. This will become a habit of its.

If it touches Cube, you’re getting another instant game over. Fortunately it’s kinda slow here.

Very well, please stand by
Password confirmed
It is:

The Behemoth has already wandered off by the time Cube leaves.

It didn’t go far though. And this time, the hallway doors mysteriously close and trap Cube in with the beastie.

Hopefully some questions are being raised by now.

No time to lose. Let’s move!

I can’t believe that!

Well then, who else could it be? Me?

No, it can’t be…

Either way, we’ll know as soon as we get the door open.


*Beep beep beep beep beep beep. BZZZT! Beep beep beep beep beep beep. BZZZT!*

It… it won’t open!

What are you doing!? Just break the goddamn lock!

While Kato tampers with the lock, Cube looks a little closer.

You got the Power Jack. The battery has a limited lifespan.

Well, the door’s open now. Let’s see inside.

I thought so… Now the only ones left are me and you.

Wh… what are you talking about?

Don’t play dumb. You killed all the others, didn’t you!?

ME!? What are you saying!? Why would I…?

I wouldn’t have any reason to want to kill any of you, but… I have no idea what kinds of grudges you might hold.

But nobody hated anyone else! None of us’d kill another human being!!

They were just trying to live the way they wanted to, struggling and mulling over things along the way. Just like anyone else!


His face is a weird color…


This is the Cogito Ergosum. We’re currently on course for Earth. We should arrive there on time as…

*BZZZT! Psssssh...*

Eh? What’s that!? Aargh! S-somebody help!! Th-the door won’t open!?

Yes, the captain is long since dead. Gassed, it sounds like. The game could not possibly be pointing fingers at the real culprit any harder.

But we cannot do anything here. Not right now.

Instead we must go to the lower part of the crew quarters, where an alarm is going off.

The room’s alarm is going off
The reason is indeterminate
Forcefully disabling the lock now
Please investigate
Please enter your name:

Registration complete
Entry granted

There’s nothing visual to clue you in on this, but we already know what to do when entering a new room.


Military Notification
Continue to monitor the organism even during transport. In the event that you notice any sort of reaction to the presence of humans, take care to write it down. It is of the utmost importance that it reach its destination. Should the worst happen, its safety at the expense of human life has been deemed an acceptable risk. That is all.
--Command HQ

So the Corporal has been ordered to let the Behemoth kill us rather than killing it. That’s the future military for you.

... A military notice? So THAT’S what this is all about!!

Why would you go out of your way to use a civilian cargo vessel… just to bring that thing back to Earth? You had this planned all along!

You went into my room!? It just goes to show that you can’t trust a robot!!

... Calm down!

Would you two please stop leaping to such wild conclusions?

And now the lighting is acting up. Fantastic.

Let’s get out of here, Cube!


Things have very, very quickly gone from bad to worse.

If Kato hadn’t handed over his door-hacking tool, Cube would be nothing but scrap right here.

So now the Behemoth will occasionally attack us when we enter a room. It cannot follow through doors, but we will get locked in if we encounter it in a corridor; this forces us to burn one of the Power Jack’s nine remaining uses.

The route we need to take to progress further is a bit convoluted, and there’s a few optional steps along the way.

I am currently looking for both Kato and Corporal Darth
Please take care to avoid the Behemoth

Uh-huh, sure.

So you know how I said we would never need to go into the vents? They are an option if you’re willing to use the Power Jack to open one, and the Behemoth can’t get you in there. So if you’re really worried (and have forgotten that you can save wherever), feel free to crawl around in these.

If you do use them, you may see Cube pause sometimes while the Behemoth roars. I’m assuming that means it would have spawned in the room you’re passing over.

The next optional step is up on Level 3.

I have taken control of this ship

Hmm. Those paying attention will note something lacking here.

If Cube tries to pass through Level 3 in this direction, jets of water will block his path. These are actually the third and final instant game over of the chapter, so don’t walk into them. Two sets of doors between here and the elevator also close, so say goodbye to another 20% of the power jack.

What we actually need to do is to go down to level 1 and pass through to the southern elevator there.

The Behemoth is guaranteed to attack you here, and it’s speedier than normal. Good thing that the cargo hold offers the most room to maneuver on this ship.

From here, we need to pass through Level 3 and go back down the northern elevator to Level 2, because…?


Rachel is inside, but she isn’t showing any signs of life…

Oh, c’mon now… She might have lost it a little, but that’s just mean.

In the western corridor, we catch some glimpses of a familiar figure.

You… What did you do to Kato!?