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Part 22: Wandering into trouble.

Alright, let’s mosey.


The howling wind blows through a quiet little town.

The local sheriff leaves his office…

...and wanders into the saloon.

Barman, post this up for me.

A new wanted poster, huh? Kinda gives me the willies…

The Kid… The Waco Kid…


Listen to this music. Right now. Do it.

The Western chapter is probably my favourite chapter. The music is a big part of that, so even more than usual, I recommend checking out the Tindeck links.

Now, who do you suppose would talk like that to a wanted man?

My trusty friend here’s gonna put the final period on your little ol’ life. I’d think you oughta be a mite bit thankful.

A bounty hunter. Of course.

I’m Mad Dog, after all! I can’t let yer yellow-belly get itself killed by jes’ any ol’ varmint. Wouldn’t be good fer business.

But that’s also…


This battle is very much a gimme, but I like the variation on the Kid’s theme.

With only 144 HP to his name, the Kid is rather fragile. All of his attacks are ranged though, so it’s not so bad.

Single Shot will target in eight directions and hit folks at any distance, while Double Shot is stronger but only has a range of three. Hollow Point Shot tries to lower a target’s level, has a charge time and only fires on the diagonal. Piercing Shot also has to charge and is somewhat inaccurate, but hits everything in a line.

You literally cannot lose this fight, so it might be a good starting point for beginners. Not just because Mad Dog is also made of glass…

...but because the Waco Kid has Multi-Counter, which will use Single Shot on whoever hits him. Mad Dog cannot survive two counters, and cannot kill the Kid in two attacks. No wonder he keeps screwing this up.


(No music.)

So bad at bounty hunting that you’re gonna go into prospecting instead, huh?

Some time later…



There isn’t a soul out on the street when the Kid wanders into town.

But it’s not completely quiet.

There’s music coming inside the bar.

The band only knows one tune, but it’s a good one.

(Music stops.)

...Hey there.

Alright then.

... Wait, that’s not right…

You want, yes?



Can I help you?

The last guy just trembles when we try to talk to him.

Guess they must have all seen this poster.

They won’t mind if I just take this, then.

All the doors are locked… aside from this one.

...Sorry, ma’am. Pardon the intrusion.

Well, better see about getting ourselves a drink.

W-what’ll it be? There’s no need t’pay, o’course…

Mighty kind of ya.

You there.

So git off it!


...‘lo again, ma’am.

That seat don’t have your name on it! We don’t want anyone who don’t pay!

Damn, that’s rude.


They do seem a mite cowardly.

Man, even I got most of those namedrops.

I like strong girlies.

How ‘bout it? Wanna be my girl?

Don’t be daft!

How dare you…

If I’m not mistaken, that means she had an advantage over him.


Oh, look. The son of the yeller sheriff’s come out t’play.

Now you’ve gone and done it.

Mighty sorry ‘bout that, mister. The kid did it. Here, lemme buy you a drink.

If we stay silent and drink the milk posted:


Nothing but an endless loop.

Or don’t ya drink any milk…

Blow it out yer ass.


Sure do.

(Music fades.)

So you ain’t with the Crazy Bunch…


You really cleaned his plow!

Here, readers. This might help.

Ah. It’s the lawman.


Pa, you’re…

... Billy… You know that if we stand up to ‘em we’ll just get their backs up.


Shut your hole!

The only one with any guts at all here is little Billy…

But Sheriff! This here traveler…

How many folks are gonna walk into this scene?

Oh, him again.


The Waco Kid!

Come t’think of it…

Good likeness, ain’t it?

There’s a mighty big reward on this here feller’s head… An’ I, Mad Dog, am fixin’ to collect it!

You’re lying!

Sorry, kid. I ain’t the lyin’ type.

If we stay silent posted:

You came here t’save us! Tell him he’s lying!

...Sorry, kid.

You’re lying!

Heheh… So the Kid can’t stand up to a kid.

You scared Gold off… I’m gonna run you through the mill!!

It’s a duel…

Guess it’s that time again.

Don’t run away, now…

Our buddy leaves the bar, but we can still chat up the townsfolk.

You won’t lose now, right?

I can hardly believe it…

Go on…

You going to win, yes?

W-we are amigos!

That guy is strong!

Welcome to the Wild West, bud.


(Wind howls.)

Aw, why the long face? You sad that this’ll be the last time we tangle? Ah well, I feel the same… But them’s the breaks, Kid!

You know how this works, right? We stand back to back, then we each take five steps, whip around, and… see who’s left standing…

Those two…

They noticed ‘em!

Whoa… You two are th’ Simon pure!

If they worked together, not even the Crazy Bunch could stand up to them…

Well now…

But only ‘til we send these Crazy Bunch guys to the bone orchard!

And so a truce is called… Next time, we’ll see how the Waco Kid and Mad Dog manage to take down the Crazy Bunch!

...Boy, the translators really had a field day with this chapter.