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Part 25: White-Hot Rage.

So once we’ve tried to pilot Buriki Daioh, Toei allows us to show him items and have him see if he can make anything out of them. Here’s the animation for it.

However, here is the issue; this line is probably the biggest reason why people dislike this chapter. You see, it’s not bad enough that Toei’s inventing takes about 25 seconds.

It has a random chance of failure. A high one. And while you don’t lose the offered item if he fails, the fact that I saw it some 40+ times while crafting drove me slightly mad. The fact that it serves no purpose except to waste time and cause frustration is what really gets me, though.

Oh, and here’s the bizarre invention tree in its entirety.
- Banana Crepe           (One time use heal item - Self Mid-Heal)
  First Aid              (One time use heal item - Self Mid-Heal)
  Taiyaki                (One time use heal item - Self Mid-Heal)
-> Gutsy Taiyaki         (One time use heal item - Self Great-Heal)
     Matango Light         (One time use heal item - Area Mid-Heal)
     Misawa Taiyaki        (One time use heal item - Self Mid-Heal)
--> Potion No.9          (One time use heal item - All Great-Heal)

- Cap                    (Head: 4 Defense)
-> Shower Cap            (Head: 1 Defense, Water Skill Evade Up)

- Glove                  (Weapon: 4 Attack / Glove: -5 Speed)
-> Bowling Ball          (Weapon: 8 Attack / Glove: 0 Defense)
--> Taeko's Punch        (Weapon: 16 Attack / Glove: 0 Defense)

- Director's Boxers      (Body: 2 Defense, -10 IQ / Head: -5 IQ)
  Watanabe's Boxers      (Body: 1 Defense, -25 IQ / Head: -45 IQ)
-> Hoodie                (Body: 4 Defense)
     Taeko's Jeans         (Body: 2 Defense)
--> Full-body Tights     (Body: 10 Defense)
      Punk Jacket          (Body: 12 Defense, +8 Vitality)
      Taeko's Stockings    (Body: 4 Defense / Head: 0 Defense)
---> Rider Belt          (Accessory: +4 Power, +2 Vitality)
----> Shinju Shirt       (Body: 20 Defense, +10 Power)

- Misanga                (Accessory: +4 IQ)
-> Power Wrist           (Glove: 2 Defense, +4 Power)

- Bracelet               (Accessory: +2 IQ)
  Buriki Brooch          (Accessory: +3 Vitality)
  Punk's Armband         (Weapon: 6 Attack / Glove: 6 Defense) (+2 Power)
-> Abnormal Pearl        (Accessory: +8 Power, -4 IQ)
     MK Badge              (Accessory: +2 Speed)
     Tattoo                (Accessory: +4 Power)
--> Golden Hairpin       (Head: +8 IQ)
      Coral Ring           (Accessory: +4 IQ, Water Field Immunity, Water Skill Evade Up)
---> Magic Pendant       (Accessory: -2 Power, -2 Speed, -2 Vitality, +8 IQ)

- Sneaks                 (Boots: 1 Defense, +4 Speed)
-> Iron Foot             (Boots: 6 Defense, +12 Power)
--> Rider Boots          (Boots: 3 Defense, +6 Power)

- Taeko's Panties        (Body: 8 Defense / Head: 0 Defense) (Sleep Immunity)
-> Magic Pendant         (Accessory: -2 Power, -2 Speed, -2 Vitality, +8 IQ)
     Potion No.9           (One time use heal item - All Great-Heal)
     Power Wrist           (Glove: 2 Defense, +4 Power)
     Rider Boots           (Boots: 3 Defense, +6 Power)

- Throwing Knife         (One time use battle item)
-> Bounce Gun            (*Robot Accessory: "Bounce Punch")
     Hand Grenade          (One time use battle item)
     Napalm Bomb           (One time use battle item)
--> 100V Laser           (*Robot Accessory: "100V Laser")
      Plasma Spark         (*Robot Accessory: "Plasma Spark")
      Stun Gun             (*Robot Accessory: "50,000V Shock")
---> Poison Jet          (One time use battle item)
----> Kotobuki Lacquer (*Robot Accessory: "Lacquer Spray Shot")
        Stone Cannon        (*Robot Accessory: "Intense Shot")
-----> Angel's Bottle     (One time use battle item)
         Kintoto Cannon     (*Robot Accessory: "Goldfish Shot")
------> Hiyokokko Cannon (*Robot Accessory: "Dizzy Shot")
Look at this mess. And notice how many items can become multiple things, so you’ll have to savescum for the stuff you want.

Toei would later be found dead on the toilet, the words “Oops, I messed up” carved into his forehead.

Our invention list basically consists of three Shinju Shirts, some Rider Belts, turning Taeko’s Panties into another Power Wrist, an Iron Foot (the Rider Boots are a pure downgrade), and a second Taeko’s Punch (Taro can’t use one). That’s about all we can make for now; the rest we’ll need to get items out of the Crusaders for.

The encounters out here actually change every time Coop levels up, and they’ll always give 40 experience. Since there’s no spillover in this game, that means Coop has to fight every encounter three times, and three times only.

They also have a common theme: A single Crusader who can be taken out to make everything else break down. That means not getting item drops from anything that does so, but it’s up to you whether or not you care about that.

The RC cars are almost a non-threat, but they can explode. Coop won’t handle that very well.

Taro’s moveset is alright, but his punches and kicks only target foes two spaces away. We’ll correct this soon enough.

Sleet Image is… stronger than Mother Image. Smaller vertical range though.

The first fight drops a Matango Light (a healing item) and some Power Parts. Taro doesn’t gain any experience, so you’ll have to cram these into him to boost his HP. They’re the main reason to bother with the non-Crusader enemies.

Level 5

The Lariat robots can’t do anything to us with our new gear, but their thing is hitting all the squares around them.

Coop’s new move does no damage, but inflicting Sleep and level down isn’t too shabby.

Ah, there’s what we need. Crusaders will sometimes drop Napalm Bombs, which can be refined into various accessories for Taro.

In addition to providing +5 vitality, each one will give Taro access to a new move. They can also serve as multi-use attack items if you want to give Coop something with a bit more punch.

Level 6

In addition to having what is basically a full heal for himself, Coop can patch up one of his allies. His two basic physicals and these healing techs make up his only instant-use moves.

The Hiyokokko Cannon gives Taro the Dizzy Shot tech. It’s hilariously strong, but takes a bit of charge time and may actually buff the enemy’s Vt if they survive it.

At least Mother Image makes short work of this encounter.


Level 7

Urgh, these guys.

The Kyokushin No.1 has a move called Cow Killer, which will wreck Coop very easily. It will do a whole lot less to Taro though.

At least Coop is starting to get some better attacks; Hell Image is a nice combo of knockback, debuffs and decent damage.

Level 8

The Crusader RS is a bit tougher than the regulars at 24 HP, but still pathetic. The Lariat No.2 can counter with a move that deal about nine damage to Coop and lowers Vt, which is also

Coop’s new move is pretty weak, but at least it’s free damage and a potential IQ debuff.

Oh, and here’s Taro’s Kintoto Cannon move, Goldfish Shot. It’s a weaker Dizzy Shot, but at least it can’t buff the enemy?

Neat! I’m not a big fan of the -4IQ this thing gives, so it gets turned into a Coral Ring instead. (As does the next one.)

Level 9

The bulldozer bot there is a hardy one; he’s actually capable of eating a Dizzy Shot without dying.

A follow-up from Coop’s close-range Flame Image does the trick though. It’s definitely the strongest move he’s pulled out yet.


(The tech from this one does cause the Drunk status; seems somebody got liqueur and lacquer mixed up.)

EclecticTastes posted:

Actually, it could still be lacquer. The shellac is often dissolved in alcohol, drying to form the lacquer shell. This is why putting alcohol anywhere near a lacquered surface is a terrible idea, it'll start dissolving the shellac again, ruining the finish. So, much like a person can get drunk chugging denatured gasoline, lacquer could, theoretically, do the trick, if it weren't pretty much the worst idea in the world. Oh, and also one of the symptoms of inhaling too many fumes from lacquer (also varnish remover and some paints) is a feeling of drunkenness.

Level 10

Ah, I remember this set-up from the Ninja chapter.

Coop can channel a little holy power into his fists for a decent melee attack. It’s a bit stronger than using Elbow.

Level 11

The next fight has the gimmick of the immobile Hebel… which can be circumvented with either knockback from Hell Image or just sniping the guy with Dizzy Shot.

Or we could use tactical booze deployment to break through.

Freeze Image has some decent power too, and it has much better vertical range than Coop’s other moves (which mostly cover horizontal areas).

Level 12

Level 12 brings no new moves for Coop, but it does offer some actually dangerous enemies. The Psycho No.1 can deal decent damage and put us to sleep, as well as possibly turning us around (which is especially bad for Coop with all his charge moves).

They are our last challenge to overcome, though.

Level 13

As the new encounter for level 13 offers no experience at all, so there’s no reason to bother with it outside of more Power Parts.

And there we go! Taro has been kitted out with a few more weapons; we’ll get a Plasma Spark later, which I might replace the 100V Laser with. For now, I’ll see you folks next time!