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Part 27: We Dig Giant Robots!

So Commander Yamazaki’s helping Cindelman, and Kumotatsu from Odeo Temple was there too…

There’s gotta be a way to stop ‘em.

Huh? Who’s Buriki Daioh?

The ancient mech, Buriki Daioh… A saint from Babylonia of old is said to have controlled it via psychokinesis.

A… giant robot? For real? Awesome!

Control Buriki Daioh with your psychic powers! Smash up the bad guys!

Man, Coop’s psychic powers are the worst kept secret.



You may not remember this, but there was a little exchange back in Mecha’s first update:


How’s your sis doing?

Kaori’s gotten a little better, thanks.

That’s just about all we get to learn that Kaori is rather sickly before this scene.

Unfortunately… Coop wasn’t able to do it.

Is there another way?

No… Well, if we inject a liquefied human, it might be possible to activate it like we did Taro…

Thanks, Kazu.

That won’t work, I’m afraid… Buriki Daioh is powered by the human spirit.

There’s a long pause…

(Music stops abruptly.)

W-what? Don’t be stupid!


N-no! There’s n-no reason for you to get involved in this!

My heart can’t take this…


(Music slowly fades.)

Heh… Us bikers don’t know the meanin’ of the word “impossible!” I mean, I’m Matsu…!

And as Matsu and Toei race out of the room, the normal music fades back in.

Do you know Coop at all, Taeko?


What’s Matsu gonna do? / (If something happens to these kids…)

I wanna ride on Buriki Daioh! / (But Matsu doesn’t have any psychic powers…)

I wonder what’ll happen. / (Oooh, my nerves…)

I bet Misawa could do it!! / (Save us, Misawa…)

We may need more than a wrestler to save us, Yuki…

Matsu… You remind me of Dad… / (Matsu…)

W-what did she say?

Coop may need to have a talk with Watanabe later…

For now though, we need to focus on the matter at hand.

How do I get it to move…

(Too bad. Knowing him, he’s probably in some dive, getting plastered…)

Ah… Guess it’s time to visit the place we saw earlier.

Yep, there he is…

What, you come here to laugh at me? Bah, I couldn’t do anything after all… / (Damn it…)

Hmmm… Well, there’s nothing we can do for Matsu now. Let’s just leave…

(You may wish to make some changes to your equipment right about now. Namely, give Taro’s robot accessories to Coop, for Reasons™.)

Those assholes! They’d burn down Chibikko House just to get at Coop and Matsu!

Taeko…! Kaori!

I’ll save them!

I told you! It’s hopeless!

I don’t wanna die!

I’ll go! You all get out of here!

Okay, big damn hero time.


I’ll save Kaori! Get out of here!

Finding Taeko is easy enough.

...Good thing Kaori wasn’t still in bed.

You may have noticed that one of the doors was blocked by flames; we have to look in every other part of Chibikko House before we can get in there.

Hope nobody needed the can.

This is where the usual video starts. (Warning: It’s 26 minutes long.) Still, I very much recommend watching this one, since I’m not going to be commenting much for the remainder of the update. Things will speak for themselves.



Ooooh… Coop…

Are you okay!?

Of course, that’s when the rumbling starts…


What? But last time…

S’alright, I’m good. It’ll work this time! Let’s go!


W-with the power… of the ancients!

It… It’s moving!

The eyes light up, and the chains retract… Buriki Daioh is fully operational!


(No music.)

What is it?

I-I’m sorry. I’ve been perfectly horrible to you…

Of course!



(Musicus Interruptus.)






...Oh hi there.

That voice… Matsu!


He binged on Matango to heighten his senses and his spirit…

You moron! You’re gonna get yourself killed!

So l‘ng as’v got… B’riki D’ioh… Massu ayn’t ded!


Grrrrggh! S’nuff!


(Music fades.)

Huhf… huhf… huhf…

Hey there, Taeko. We briefly get control here, but we just need to read Matsu’s mind to check on him.

(We were enemies…)


(We both had our hands full with keeping our subordinates from taking to their heels…)


I don’t want any more deaths!

Don’t be dense! They’re just stringing you along!

Do you think the army will fold just because of your insignificant resistance?! Grow up, Matsu!

So you’re just Yamazaki’s dog after all!

… Sorry, but you have to die!

A shot rings out…


(I pulled the trigger… Just an instant before him…)



Not yet…

Coop… Let’s go… to the temple… Let’s bust ‘em up…!

No! Don’t go!! Go tomorrow! You need rest!

Women always get in the way…

…And then Matsu collapses.


… Out…

(Music fades as everyone leaves.)

Matsu… He’s not dead yet… Right?


You… You’re moving it!?

(To the Odeo Temple…!)


By the graces of the army…!


So now we have control of Buriki Daioh, and we’re going to have to smash our way through Yamazaki’s troops to reach the temple.

Fighter planes and tanks are going to give us a warm welcome.

But the power of Buriki Daioh is irrepressible.

Even an 88mm shell does nothing more than scratch damage, not even taking off 1% of Buriki Daioh’s monstrous health pool. Not bad for being tin-plated, huh?

When we reach the front of the temple, we have one more encounter… The flying fortress, Donryu! Equipped with missiles, vulcan cannons, flamethrowers and its very own Maser Cannon.

At 900 HP, the Donryu doesn’t last long against Buriki Daioh’s assault.


My army…

… ‘Tis brilliance…! Humans melted together with other humans into one being, sharing both mind and body! And hatred… A superb world without fighting…

Ah well… You wouldn’t understand.

So each person averages 30 liters? Well, that’s one way to lose weight.


You’ve come… Now! The Great Inko Buddha statue shall bring unto us salvation!

All of the birds flying around the temple grounds approach the Inko Buddha statue… and are absorbed into it.


We can do this…


Fighting in the lake of liquified humans, the mech from ancient Babylonia must slay the demon pheasant… The Great Inko Statue is either one of the easiest or one of the hardest final bosses, solely dependent on which of their moves they favor.

Keruru Story in particular is one we want him to avoid using too often. It locks out foot techs, and Buriki Daioh’s Babylon Kick is by far his strongest move in this fight. The statue can also throw out Liquified Man Curse to lock hand techs, and use Keruru Kick to turn our mech and cancel Halogen Laser.

Even though it has 2050 HP, the Inko statue cannot withstand a few good godlike kicks.


(No music.)

Master Odeo…


The… The liquified humans…!


Now you’ll become one with them…

Serves the bastards right.

They’re… They’re gonna swallow Buriki Daioh too!? C…

Not if Coop has anything to say about it…!

Ow, dammit!


Hey… Hey…

Huh…? Er… Okay!

And so Coop ends up taking over the Taiyaki stand.

Taeko keeps a close eye on Kazu to stop him wandering off.

Although the kids are still a handful, with Watanabe getting pushed around by Yuki once more.

Taro keeps a close eye on Kaori, perhaps wanting to return the favour she did for him.

Despite Coop’s best efforts, Buriki Daioh refuses to move again.

The couple’s moment seems to have passed.

And Coop… Well, he has a lot to think about.

As a little something extra, please enjoy the Motto! Motto! Mix of ‘Go! Go! Buriki Daioh!’

ElTipejoLoco posted:

I'm a little sad the MOTTO MOTTO version got linked without sticking in the promotional vid for the 2012 "newly recorded vocals" version Squenix single where the attacks get called out by the singer.


And so, after helping Ayla take on the Kuu tribe and rescue Bel from the jaws of O-D-O…

…leading Cube to triumph over the murderous OD-10 and saving some of the crew of the Cogito Ergosum…

…travelling with the Master and Li Kuugo to avenge Yuan and Sammo, and show Odi Wang Lee the superiority of WuTang Kung Fu…

…witnessing a new dawn in the land of the rising sun, as Sonic-maru and Ryoma overcome Ode Iou’s demonic form…

…watching Andre take on the world and win, defeating Odie Oldbright for the ultimate title…

…moseying along with the Waco Kid and Mad Dog as they show O. Dio’s Crazy Bunch who’s boss…

…and of course, seeing Coop pilot Buriki Daioh to take down Master Odeo and the Great Inko statue… After all of that…

There is one more story which must be told, before everything can be brought together. This is the tale of a valiant knight…

Our eighth protagonist goes by Oersted. If you wish to change that, now’s the time to vote.