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Part 29: Taking on the Demon.

Hash’s old sword is extremely nice, and the one he started with will make a good hand-me-down for Oersted. Our young knight also steals the helmet, and swaps their other gear.

Like so. Can’t have anyone getting confused about who the protagonist is, right?

While we trek down the mountain again, let’s examine Hash’s moveset. We know the first three, and Jump Shot is a simple high-damage instant move that can only be used at a range of exactly three.

The other four all have charge times, so here’s some angelic healing while we wait.

Death Trail is an ‘Evil Tech’, which apparently means that it will do a lot of damage, but lower Hash’s level after use. Much like Ayla’s Dodegesden, this makes it most useful as a finisher.

Dragon Sword hits foes on the diagonal up to three spaces away, which can be handy if enemies line up correctly.

Hash also has a nice 5x5 move in Razor Sonic. All in all, a pretty good moveset.

...Oh right, Spindle. It doesn’t do much damage, but it does turn enemies and Hash can instant-cast it as a counter. And free damage is never bad (when you’re the one dealing it).

The new generation of heroes have been picking up some tricks as well; Straybow learned Purple Mist at level 6, which delevels and lowers the IQ of a target while dealing damage. Oersted’s level 5 was Sword Wind, which gives him a decent ranged option.

Encage is a 5x5 attack centred on Oersted, capable of locking hand and foot techs on any survivors. It’s great for clearing out fodder.


Back down in the forest, there’s a secret on the south side. A ways east of Familia village, there’s a path hidden among these trees.

Weaving through them brings us to this secret grove, where ten Naorigusa await us. (AlphaKretin helpfully told me that means ‘healing grass’.) The nice thing about these particular plants is that they respawn whenever you exit and reenter the screen, so we can stockpile a whole bunch of the things. That makes this chapter much, much easier.

Ah, such a classic phrase. 14th century even.

(No music.)

Imposing. Question is… How do we get in?

Let’s go.

Ah, of course. Using the sword as a key.

...Okay, that .gif is funnier to me than it should be.

Enough of that silliness though. Let’s head inside.

Skull lanterns, creepy music, dark cave. Yep, it’s a Demon’s hideout alright.

It’s not very long though… if you aren’t going down all the side paths for treasure. For progress, we want to start going west.

Devil’s Peak has its own set of encounters, with EXP values of 4-9. Lesser Dragons are pretty meh unless you stand on the diagonal, where they can slaughter you with their fiery breath. They can at least take some punishment with their 196 HP.

Avoid the opening off to the side and head up the stairs, which takes us through a door into the next screen.

...Sure, game. Whatever you say.

Oersted hits level 7, and learns a bit of crowd control with Moon Down. It’s alright.

Next intersection, we’re going through the northern opening.

Bypassing a whole bunch of other paths, head for the far right.

Through a little adjoining room.

And into somewhere that’s starting to look more like ruins than just a cave. Heading left again…

And again. (Sorry if this part is rather dry. Offering directions without having new random encounters or something to sprinkle in is… eh. I’m not sure how people who regularly LP JRPGs do it.)

Ah, here we go. We’re nearly at the end of the dungeon. Just right, up and around…

Show off Straybow’s other charged tech, Blue Squall… (Have you noticed they all start with a colour yet?)

Oh, and here’s Spindle kicking in as a counter. Speaking of counters, Oersted learns one at the end of this fight. It’s called Mirror Drive.

Alright, now we’re ready to take on the Demon! Let’s go!

...Well now. Doesn’t this look familiar?


And in the next room, the Demon awaits.



So, this goofy-looking beastie is the Demon Lord. He hits like a truck, throws around status effects and takes very little damage.

Unless you know the secret to this fight, that is.

That secret is using Death Trail. It won’t do much damage to him the first time.

But it will prompt him to use Barrier Burst. Uranus can cure the Stone effect, and using it absolutely cripples the Demon Lord’s defences.

It does nothing to blunt his offence, but you have to take what you can get.

Oersted and Straybow don’t actually have much to contribute to this fight; just let Hash deal all the damage and have Uranus keep him healthy. A second dose of Death Trail can do 400-600 damage, and the Demon King only has 720 HP.

The only way this can really go south is if Uranus bites it too early, because we only have the one Joshua Seed. But you may well still be able to power through with Hash.


(No music.)

There’s no way…

What do you mean, not the Demon?

...And why are you suddenly clutching your chest?

How pathetic…


Hash this, great hero that… I’m tired of hearing it.

So that wasn’t the Demon after all…?

The true demon… is much stronger…

Oh, right…


Why did you come?!

I… I may be old, but I am still a Hero…


Oersted… use this sword…

The Princess placed her faith in you. So long as at least one person believes in you…

Oh geeze, that’s not good.

…Rest in peace, Hash.


But, the Princess! Where can the Princess be…?

(Music stops, loud rumbling starts.)

Let’s get out of here!




So, to summarise… We did not kill the true Demon. We did not rescue the Princess. And we did not make it out without losing half our party.

…We are the worst Heroes.


Eh? Hash?

Hash? And against the Demon!?

What’s happened to your friends, Oersted?

Th… that’s right… You’re the new Hero, right? Oersted! Please, save the Princess! Mighty Oersted!

...I don’t think Oersted feels very mighty right now.

The hero Hash and Straybow, too… So that means the true demon… And Alicia…

You must be exhausted. Please, rest in the room to the left…

Thank you, your Highness.

(Music fades.)

Perhaps a little rest will help…



(Pure silence.)

Hey, wasn’t that… Straybow?

Hash… Forgive me…

It’s no use. We’ll have to go after him alone.


Have at thee… fiend…?


Oh God.

Somebody! Help!!

…Well, fuck.

Wh-what kind of awful…


Oh, come on now…

They scream as Oersted takes even a single step toward them, and back up again.

Which wakes Uranus.

This one came back with Oersted!

Then you must also be the Demon’s…

This… this is quickly going from bad to worse.

Stand down, Oersted…

Shut up!

Oersted, flee from here!

Make haste, you fool!

You’re really not helping our case here, Uranus! He is right, though… There’s nothing Oersted can do but run.

Oersted has become a victim of some vile deception.

We have to inform the townsfolk!

Branded as a Demon.

Don’t open the door!

Please, leave us alone!

Hurry, hide our daughter!

Feared and hated by those who had believed in him.

Cast out…


Where can he go now?

Royal soldiers still pursue him.

I… I may be old, but I am still a Hero… The Princess placed her faith in you. So long as at least one person believes in you… You must not lose hope…!

Self-reflection offers little comfort.

It’s not true, is it?

No! Keep away from him!

Demon? It’s not true, right?!

Don’t…! Stay away!!

It seems that all have abandoned him.

Really… What else is there to do?