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Part 6: Ninja - Update # 5 - Bonus Bosses

I could go right through the previously locked gate with the castle key, but I want to show off something about crawling through the attics with O-Robo.

Every time you run into a rat (and those bastards are hard to avoid sometimes)

O-Robo goes crazy

And attacks your party. Defeating him gets you back on your side, but it's quite annoying.

: Are you doing all right now?


: Not your fault. We'll just avoid any rats, ok buddy?


Water can also destroy O-Robo, so we have to approach the moat from the "other" side and wait for the fish to come to us.

I'm making a huge mistake here - I forgot the effective range of Water Call. I should have kept Obama in the lower row instead, using Ryoma as bait.

Water Call only does about 50 damage thanks to our equipment, but it adds up.

This carp has a LOT of HP, and it takes a while to wear down.

I try to experiment a bit, but the Shuriken seem to be the way to go.

O-Robo is our main source of damage here.

The optimal strategy here is to use Ryoma as bait, have Obama alternate between healing him and throwing out random damage, and focus on O-Robo throwing shuriken.

Since I'm not into optimal strategies, only O-Robo lives through the fight.

Still, he finishes the fish off... and gets nothing.

Reload, try again:

Sujin scale is a misc accessory (we can have 5 of those) that raises IQ by 10. Not bad, but the pride of the accomplishment is the main thing.

: Looks like this fish...




: Don't encourage him

Next up, another "how did people figure this out without faqs?" moment. You have to walk up to a certain point in the long corridor leading to the moat, turn around

Walk up to the jar, ignore it, turn back around

And find this room.

: Leave this place at once. If you do not leave, you will die.

Majin is... well, he's a superboss. He's the first guy we meet who has proper boss music:

He hits like a truck, he has a ton of hitpoints, and there are no real tricks to defeating him besides a straight up slugfest.

You should avoid standing directly to his sides, so that he won't use his one (devastating) area attack

Have a guy on duty as bait


And not be afraid to use up all your healing items. If you can deal with Majin, you can take out the final boss one handed.

We finally wear him down, and he dissolves without a word. Our reward?

The Muramasa.

Complete with the "Goemon was here" mark, oddly enough. You're unlikely to get the Murasama before you free Goemon and you really don't need two, so I'm not sure what the rationale here is. In any case this blade is... not bad. As are the bragging rights of beating down one of the hardest bosses in the game in the very first chapter.

: You could say this ghost is...

: Ninja-bitch-slap

: Ouch. Quick learning skills, mind. Right, let's go deal with Ode!