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Part 7: Ninja - Update # 6 - The Big Bad

: Oh, some Komuso types. I do ever so wonder if they're going to do a little flute performance...


: or if they're going to attack us.


: I mean, Komuso are kind of cliched as badass assassin types


: and they're supposed to have one hit poison weapons and stuff


: So I have to wonder - are they the guys who are going to stop us after we've taken down a superpowered fish and a ghost guarding a legendary sword?


: I'm thinking... N-


: O-Robo, what the...



: What the... why?
I was only freaking kidding.

: I don't think he's getting up again. And we don't have a way to fix him here.

: I'm not going to just leave you here! Once we're done with Ode, I'm dragging you out of this castle and finding a mechanical master. Whatever that takes. I need you there to fight whatever comes next.

: We certainly couldn't have beaten the last two guys without his help.

: And for that, I owe you a debt of gratitude.

: Domo arigato, O-Robo san.

: Now let's go kick Ode's ass!

: No one will get close to Lord Ode!

: Yeesh, you guys are terrifying. I'm sure the two of us are no match for you.

: Or is the one of me? Obama, a bit of help here?

: Wait a moment...

: Eat fire and die!

: Bitches.

: Well done! You've shown me how worthless the men in this castle really are! After all, they let my sworn enemy get this close to me... Well, any last words? Threats, outraged demands? Do you want to beg for your life?

: I will never-

: You killed my robot buddy!!!

: W-What?

: Well, your basket head goons caused him to destroy himself to take them out, at least!

: What on earth are you babbling about?

: And don't try to blame that on me! I was clearly being sarcastic!

: Your inane blathering is of no consequence... I shall show you one who is more than a match for you. Come... Musashi! Miyamoto Musashi!

: The most skillful swordsman who ever lived!!


: After him!

: Fine! Once we've killed the legendary Majin, who cares about some virtual unknown like Musashi?

: A Shinobi? Ah well, I guess it's just bad luck for you we have to cross swords...

I should have just thrown a pair of attack items at Musashi, since they kill him in two hits and are useless against the final boss

but I'm pretty sure he died in two rounds anyway.

Making this his only attack.

As I said, once you go Majin, you never go back.

:Obama-maru, I shall not forget your name!

: Super. Now let's go!

: What? Who else wants some?!

: Um, sure. Not a problem.

: In retrospect, not really worth it.

: You were sparing the women... because you expected a reward?

: Ah... no? Not killing women is totally a part of my honorable assassin code.


: Honest. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a shuriken in my eye.

: Very well, let's move-

: Kyaaaaa! I'm sorry!!!

: Much better.

: Good luck!

: The same to you. Try to get out of the castle, just in case it explodes once we're done here.

: He's not here

: Pretty impressive architecture though. Sure you don't want to stick around and appreciate the ambiance?

: Not as such, no.

: Looks like I'll just have to kill you myself. It will be just like squashing a tiny little bug!! Take this!

: Yeah, good luck with that. At least you have a slightly better battle cry than "have a seat!"

: Ryoma, would you like the honor?

: Die, you fiend!

Polaris slash!

: Hehehehehe!!

: What are you always laughing about? We're kicking your ass here!

: Interesting... But then, fighting in close-range quarters such as this isn't any fun, is it? Let's take this... outside. Come on!

: Come ooooooooon. You come on and stop running, you ass!

: Hehehaha, over here!

: Behold! Cower before the sublime form of he who would shall rule the Land of the Rising Sun!

: Gwahahaha! I give you poison!

: Stop! Fucking! Laughing!

: Poison! When I sting you! Poison when I grab you tight!

: Ugh, getioffgetitoffgetitoff

: You do not belong in this world!

: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-


: As if we'd let a man who'd sacrifice his very humanity lead our land!


: Huh? Who am I...? I thought you knew... I am...

: I have friends on that ship! You know, it's kind of sad. We struggle and fight over the temporary rule of an artificial "nation". Why go to war for such a fleeting goal? Why sacrifice so many lives? It's kind of silly, is it not? But... for better or for worse, such seems to be the nature of our people. We can't change that any more than we could change the past. But I know that one day, everyone will live in peace.

: I mostly can't believe this mission is over. Speeches might be welcome latter, when I wash off the snake demon goo. And the fish blood. And the ectoplasm. Thankfully, shinobi laundromats specialize in stain removal.

: But what a waste. I'm surprised a man such as yourself is a Shinobi. What do you think? Why don't you join me?

So I leave you to ponder (read: vote) this final question. Odds and ends that didn't make it into the main storyline will be provided in the next update. Will free to give constructive feedback (or buy me an insulting avatar)