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Part 8: Ninja - Update # 7 - The Ending

I'm going to redo the videos when I have a decent computer instead of a laptop that stutters with nothing but zsnes and camstudio running... but as it stands, here's the ending of the chapter:

: I... am Ninja.

(I have no idea what that "Ryoma" prefix is doing there. Unless it's for those of us who took a month off and forgot who the hell that guy is)

: You have your own path to follow.


: ...
The sun is coming up... One day, the Land of the Rising Sun will see a new dawn as well! I'm sure of it!

And... cue credits:

Youtube / Viddler

The bonus section will hopefully be posted relatively soon, or at least sooner than the final section took.

Meanwhile, if anyone is actually ready to do another section, this is the time to volunteer.

Once everyone speaks up, we get a vote for which next chapter we'd rather see.

And everyone else gets to work on their future contributions some more (or forget about them completely).

Hope you enjoyed the Ninja chapter. See you shortly with the bonus stuff.