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Part 9: Ninja - Update # 8 - Bonus materials

Stuff we missed:

Supposing Obama was highly leveled up when he tried to escape the castle?

Well, first he'd have to fight the same four enemies 4 or 5 times.

Then meet his old master.

: ...
Why did you... No, never mind. Death is all that awaits anyone that disobeys the law of the Shinobi! I will bury you if it means my own death!

Hayate is probably the third hardest fight in this chapter, after the super-bosses. Yes, none of the guys you meet during a normal playthrough make it into the top three. Anyways, after spamming everything you have at him...

: Ugh...

The screen goes white, and we cut to the standard game-over screen.

Remember the little house in the bottom left part of the pre-castle area? Just below the hidden merchant? We fought Go-ninja in the top part of that house? Once we have the Warehouse key, we can open the door and go in:

That's the other way to get the Basement key.

The way to go if you're doing a no-kill run.

If you do kill one ninja, another two, then another four drop in. Good way to pad your kill-count.

When you meet the kill-counting old man

you get 10 Castella's - great healing items.

Right past the prison cell there's a secret door

that leads to a room with a fast girl who kites you around the chest, never allowing you to catch up. If you leave and come back:

And if you go invisible and wait:

Your chance to get 100 kills.

Remember the room with the "nasty surprise" I promised we'd come back to? Approaching the figure on the bed

Reveals this loathely lady.

She attacks you with her attentions

And actually manages to kill under-leveled Obama.

If you manage to kill her, she'll respawn in the next room and do her best to get in your way.

It takes 16 battles to dispose of her, and once you do, it counts as killing a woman. This game can be a dick.

Speaking of which. If you grab Oboro and take one step forward:

The floor opens up and drops you into a prison cell.

Naturally, this busts Oboro up, invalidating all the work it took to get him.

Something you can't do once you get Oboro, since he'll be destroyed - dropping through a specific hole in the trapped attic

Reveals a small room that must be navigated in a specific fashion to avoid the "drop into a prison cell" traps. Once you do:

I don't even know. Something in the original, a joke by the translators? Anyway, this's awsum footwear.

Finally, another dickish/awesome moment. If you want to go through the chapter without any kills, you'll have to avoid recruiting Ryoma. Why? Because though you can go through the entire chapter with him by your side and avoid killing anyone, once you get to the Ode's bodyguards, you'll have to fight them. But if Ryoma isn't in your party at the time...

: You made it this far, eh? Hahahahaha! Well done! You've shown me how worthless the men in this castle really are! After all, they let my sworn enemy get this close to me...

: And furthermore...


: Watch out!

: The last shot was aimed carefully... But you never know where the next shot'll end up!


: D-damn you!

: They can hold me prisoner as long as they want. It won't make a difference.

: Heh... Hahahahaha! Trying to corner me, eh? How's this? Come... Musashi!

We take down Musashi (this is more difficult than the last time around) and chase Ode

Things proceed the same way up until Ode goes splat...

: I have many, many enemies. There comes a time when one can no longer fight... It will just lead to more and more hatred. I know that you don't kill without cause. That's why I want you to have this... I think it's better in your hands than mine.

I have no idea how this sword compares to the uber-sword we got off the secret boss, since there are no gameplay chapters to test it in  for a while . Perhaps Exercu will show it off as well.