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Part 10: Cowboy - Update # 1 - The naming screen

Welcome to Live a Evil. Western Frontier

Yes Live a Evil. I, Sandata am in control now which means I'm running the show. Besides it called that on the title screen. This really has been something that's bugged me. The box states it, the logo states it, the title screen states it. Why Live a Live? Why?

Anyway here we have Obama who has turned into a stone statue of his formal self [and has shrunk down in size "somehow"]. This will happen to each of our hero's when their story is over. It's also possible to replay his story line from the start.

Since I don't feel like suffering through 100 enemies, it's time to see what kind of skill this "Cowboy!" feller has.

A haggard traveler with a price on his head wanders into Success Town, the recent target of a notorious outlaw gang. Work quickly to set traps and take down the Crazy Bunch!!

Overall we just seen what the Ninja story line had. Over 100 enemies to kill, a timer to keep track of, and a special hiding skill. Just remember everything but the last statement.. Because this story is very different.

Because in this story we get a gun.

Here we are in Success Town. Population: 1 Tumbleweed.

Oh and I guess 1 Sheriff.

Plus a saloon. Which as we all know saloons have a life of their own.

I love the small touches like this. Yes it might just have three sprites but dang it, those three sprites give that door life.

Credit where credit is due.

Now the Illustration for the Ninja Chapter is Goshow Aoyama. Which a few of you should know as the creator of Detective Conan ala Case Closed. This series has been running since 1994.

So what has Osamu Ishiwata created? Well he created B.B. and that's all the Wikipedia website shows. Which means that the common anime fan will not know of his work. Hell, AnimeNewsNetwork at lest credits his work on Live a Evil.

Click here to listen to 23-sancho-de-los-panchoz.mp3

Bartenders, always with the cleaning of the mugs and glasses they own.

How ever they do seem to have sharp ears, always able to know when a customer is coming.

Just sitting back...

Sheriff =

Best name for a bar tender, Barman.

Not much to say here, it's playing out like a movie.

You got to love a man who trusts his customers to not sneak behind for free drinks. He's a fool, but ya got to love`em.

wait is this the games way of telling me that I can do something?

Well it's a start. By the way I mistakenly deleted his whole name and tried to put it back in only to find...

That the game jerked me out of that final letter.

Now it is time for You the viewer to give our cowboy a name.

Since the game hasn't even started we don't really have a goal yet. when we get there I'll tell You what you guys can do to help me beat the Crazy Bunch.

Overall this story mode is very short. In fact showing everything in this part while speeding through the text by mashing B/A or what ever would equal about one Youtube video. That's with some minor editing of useless stuff. So let's get a name started because I think just about Five updates will cover everything, choices and all. That's with no bonus updates/videos or what not. I plan to do at lest one video for fun...but You'll see.

By the way he will be known as The _______ Kid. Just a bit of heads up for ideas.