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Part 11: Cowboy - Update # 2 - Sunset's Introduction

Live A Evil Western: Dog out of luck.

When we last left our soon to be named hero, he was trapped in a annoyingly naming screen. Forever to watch and wait for what title would be given to him. As "Barman" Bar Tender by day, Bar Tender at night was just about to say The Kid's name. Surely it can be someone that we can all cheer for! Someone who the little people can look up to. Someone that all people of all nations can be proud of. Yes I think You all know who I'm talking about.

< This guy right here.

...wait no. That's totally wrong. Not for any reason but overall he didn't get the most votes.

No the most votes when to Sunrise old name, Sunset. I'm very proud of you all.

Barman: The kid

Then fade to black.

Get Your popcorn Ready I think the major feature is about to start.

Meanwhile out in the long and wild desert, we see The Sunset Kid.

Riding along his fateful horse obama Goony. Yes Goony.

But what's this? What force dares to stop Goony's wild ride across the desert plane? Who has the nerve to stop The Sunset Kid?

???: Hey its been a while. Don't look so down. My trusty friend here's gonna put the final period on your little ol' life. I'd think you oughta be a mite bit thankful.

Mad Dog "Bounty Hunter": I'm Mad Dog, after all! I can't let yer yellow-belly get itself killed by jes` any ol' varmint. Wouldn't be good fer business.

Mad Dog: How many times we done this...Almost feels like we`re sweethearts or something, y`know?

Sunset: ...

Mad Dog: But that's also...


Okay we seen this battle field before. Plenty of room for both hero's and the enemies to move around, but wait! Mad Dog has a smaller and animated sprite like our hero Sunset. Rather than having a front and back sprite that enemies normally have. What could this mean?

Anyway since we are a cowboy and cowboys carry at lest a six-shooter with them, all of our attacks are gun based.

Single Shot is just a normal attack that targets around Sunset and all 8 directions all the way across the screen.

Double shot is exactly what it says and can be aimed the same way, but does not fill the entire screen and goes off about 3 squares away from Sunset.

Overall out of those two you should never touch Single Shot, ever. Because double shot does more damage for the same time spent as Single shot.

Piercing shot has the same range as Single shot and will go through enemies.

Hollow Point Shot targets only diagonally but will have a chance of lowering the enemies level.

Both of these shots have a wait time like some of Obama's Ninja spells. Piercing shot might be useful if there are a lot of enemies around, But overall nothing else that this guy has will beat his Double Shot.  Of course, these are not all of Sunset's moves. He has a very deadly one he learns at level 16. Or at lest I been told. 

Now Multi-Counter, as long as Sunset is shot/hit from three squares away he will counter attack with a Single Shot. However his defense is not that great, so don't think you can beat his chapter with Multi-Counter alone.

Mad Dog has his own little attacks as well. Texas JitterBug will attack all enemies in that box. That's right it can hit 19 small enemies at once. The move however is very weak. If there was a way to use Mad Dog in a battle, I would only use it against enemies that only have around 20 HP. I'll talk about his other moves later. Why? I have my reasons.

Now I'm kind of disappointed, I wanted this to be a very long and nice fight. However it's not gonna be. See, remember when I talked about Multi-Counter? Well Mad Dog goes down after getting hit by it twice.

First shot.

And the second shot.

I'm...speechless. There is no way to lose this fight at all it seems. The only way is for Mad Dog's attacks to hit you from an odd angle. Why? Well in order for Sunset to Multi-Shot the enemy that attacked him they have to be in range of his Single shot attack. So if Mad Dog aims just right from the correct spot, you wont be able to counter him at all.

However with that fight done we now see poor Mad Dog kneeling at the ground. Blood pouring from his body from the two bullet holes that Sunset shot him with. Well at lest the game has a firm grasp on how much damage bullets can do.

And with this, we must give Mad Dog his final moments. He was a new character in this wild world of ours. He was just a minor Bounty Hunter who bit off more than he could chew. A moment of silence for Mad Dog, The Bounty Hunter

Next time on Sunset Rides Again! Will our hero be able to find a town? What will happen to the poor bleeding Mad Dog? Where is the Crazy Bunch? Will this story really only have five updates? And why are the screenshots still so small? Find this all out in the next chapter of the Radio Drama, Live a Evil: Sunset Rides Again!