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Part 12: Cowboy - Update # 3 - Sunset's arrival in Big Boom

Western Frontier: Many locked doors.

We are gathered here today to lay rest one of the greatest bounty hunters ever to ride along the planes. Mad Dog was a honorable man who protected the weak. He donated regularly at every school, church, and hospital he came across. I am sure that we would not want us to morn his passing. I am sure that he would want us to hold our heads up high and push on forward. To march forward and trample all objects in our way. I have Mad Dog's last will and testament written right here.

Let me tell you folks
Who have gathered here today
That I'm a proud and thankful cowboy
Who has just passed away

I know it's hard
But, please don't cry
Fer I'm now ridin' Gods trails
High up in the sky

The hoss I'm ridin' now
Don't spook, buck or kick
Fer God stables perfect horses
And now I have my pick

Lord, please forgive me of all my sins
Fer I haven't been perfect
But I know that he who believes in You
Forever wins!

I have lived a good life
A cowboys dream come true
Thank You Lord,
Fer I'm now ready to ride into eternity
Me, my horse, and You.

~Mad Dog~

Er I mean Terry Ike Clanton.

Mad Dog: Bounty Hunter September 2, 1994 - April 21, 2010

 Same trick, different result.  Oh wait hey Mad Dog lives!

Wait what's that look in Sunset's eyes? Run Mad Dog! Sunset must have missed you, so run! Run far away!

fuuuuu...well hes a goner. Sunset shot him dead, someone call that Catholic guy again.

+ = He lives!

So let me get this straight. Sunset shot Mad Dog twice but didn't kill him. Then he shot his horse reins. Huh. How big are those things anyway?

Click here for the full 945x2091 image

My anime logic brain will allow this..... Myth Busters disproved this by trying to shoot down a hanging noose. I can't ignore that.

Anyway with Mad Dog unable to catch up with Sunset, our faithful cowboy rides off into the distance.

Sunset finally finds a town to rest at. Surely it will be safe and sound with plenty of people at the bar and a honest to good sheriff. Oh wait Sunset has a bounty doesn't he? SUNSET! Wai...

Drat, well now the game will really start. Kind of.

Here we see Sunset and Goony entering the town of Sheriff and Barman.

Talking to the horse results in the horse making a snorting sound. As if he doesn't like this place. With that bounty poster I don't blame him.

All the doors are locked as well. For all we know a sniper is right now targeting Sunset.

However there is one building back in the wild west that could not be locked. The Western Saloon.

Also I told you that this door had life.

Awww look plenty of people to talk to and a musical band of Mexicans.

Unfortunate the music stops. Could this be a group of strong hero's? What will happen to our hero Sunset? Find out next time on The Wandering.