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Part 14: Cowboy - Update # 5 - Sunset runs into some locked doors

Wow that's a lot of cobwebs around here. I'm terrible at this.

Anyway I wanted to talk a bit more about the a bar till I can get a proper update up. Trust me I'm always ready to finish this sucker. I just never get to it. Anyway about the bar.

Before talking to Mr. Barmen super hero of the ages, you'll see all but one of the doors are locked. What is in that unlocked door you might ask? Just remember this is a Japanese game, the door unlocked belongs to a woman, and if you need a third hint then you never watched anime or played a Japanese game before.

Nothing to the left, makeing sure just because ya never know if Mad Dog might come out or something worst. Lıʞǝ soɯǝ ʞınd oɟ bnƃ oɹ ʌıɹns. I seen a lot of that happen lately.

Who knew that such power could be found is simple colors? Nothing to the right also.

If I had the skills I probably put the boat ride from Willy Wonka, Missingno, and every scary face that Google would give to me in the next picture. But I don't so you'll all be able to see who's in this locked door. As if you didn't already knew from the last update.

That's right it's Annie. If this was made during the PSX and each story had at lest three AMV's you better believe one would be right here.

You know with the placement of the arms I'm not sure whats going on here. Is that a sheet or some kind of dress gown? Really someone help me here. Also it seems half of her left food is missing. Maybe its the classic cross legs and arms over chest position?

By the way Sunset is a very nice person and does get out of the room when told to. Note that this was before the pimp slapping that she gave to Pike. So Sunset had no clue she would have been able to double slap us into the next story mode.

Thus we are kicked out, the door locks behind us, and we can never see those two sprites ever again. Were they worth it? Not really but it's something extra. Also I didn't see anyone mention it, so here ya go.

Anyway it's midnight now, and I got work in a bit. So here's hoping for an update from me in about 18 hours from now. My apologies to the creator, and anyone waiting for there turn.