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Part 16: Cowboy - Update # 7 - Sunset gets fed a heap of exposition

Sorry about the update size / speed. I have to work for a living now / other excuses. Also, I have no idea how to make the item gathering section interesting.

: Well now...

: I can't turn down such a fine booty lady.
Okay Kid! The duel's off for now. But only till we send those Crazy Bunch guys to the bone orchard!

: If you do manage to rustle 'em up and run 'em out, we'll give you this town's money as thanks.

: I know you can beat them!

: We be traveling entertainers! We beeeeeeen involved in something we did not forsee.... Let us run away, This is Danger Town...

: I know you're strong an' all, but there's two o' you an' fifteen o' them...

: We'll help out! Just tell us what you need us to do!

: If there's anything I can do...

: We really ain't much fer gunslingers...

: The Crazy Bunch's big bug is the sole survivor of the lost Sventh Cavalry Division... Fellow by the name of O. Dio. They're a lawless bunch of varmints.

: You know, Success Town used t'be real lively durin' the Gold Rush times. I'm sure the Crazy Bunch is fixin' t'get out hard-won riches!

: Say, I got it!

: Certainly couldn't hurt...But ya know...

: I'll help!

: Me too!

: I-I'll give it a go.

: We can't let them control our lives!

: But...

: Yeah!

: No more rollin' over dead!
You in, Gibson?

: (Gets over a brief ellipsis attack)

: And so... after all... we shall...

: Heh... Alright!


: Walks over to the Sheriff and does... something.

: Billy! You know pimp-slap therapy is reserved for trained specialists!

: My pa... He ain't fit to wear it!!


: Sometimes, you just can't win without toeing the line.
Sunset kid... No, never mind. Yer just a stranger whose name I don't know. You hold onto that badge for me... 'Til this is all over with. 'Til I can be a real Sheriff again!

: It's decided, then. Me and the Kid'll poke around for any kinda knicknacks that can be used for traps.
Let's git goin'!

You've temporarily joined up with Mad Dog!

(As you might have noticed, Mad Dog performs the same function as Subotai in the Conan movie - he speaks for Sunset when he can only "...". He also takes over my fourth wall breaking functions )

In any case, he's got it right - this is a good spot for a break.