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Part 17: Cowboy - Update # 8 - Sunset gathers trap-making materials

This is a good spot to check out our party stats:

The peacekeeper badge doesn't appear to do anything, at the moment...

We won't get a chance to gain any experience, so our heroes being already leveled up to a respectable degree is nice. We'll find some equipment scattered throughout town, but it's not much better than our current stuff. Mad Dog is slightly worse than Sunset in every respect, but fairly useful nonetheless.

All in all, taking out the Crazy Bunch without any traps is possible but quite difficult. You might see it in a bonus update though.

One last word with the simple townsfolk:

: Wonder if we could use this?

Got Slingshot...!

: They'll be here at sunrise, as usual. The bell will sound exactly eight times before dawn. We have to find materials for traps and set 'em up before then.
Have you gathered everything we need?
Not yet, eh? Hurry up an' look for more.

: My brewery's on the western end o' town.

: I do nothing... Nothing at all...

: You are of the searching types...

: I guess it's be better to set a bunch of different types of traps, si?

: Wonder if we've got anything you can use?

: I run an inn across the way from here.

: The town may be small, but the sun'll be up before you know it. You probably won't have the time to look everywhere.

: If you spend too much times looking for materials, we'll run out of time to set 'em up.

: Interesting...
Hey everyone, look to the right, there's a distraction!

:... ?

: Permission or no, I figure we don't want to be too obvious about stealing everything that isn't nailed down gathering supplies. Might as well have some surprises in store, right?


A healing item. And yes, it comes with a drunk status effect and can lead to a hilarious chain of events like "drink, stagger around, get shot, drink" ad infinitum.

It seems as though there's nothing else in this room, but if you observe carefully

And approach the wardrobe from the right direction...

A secret room!

What could the barkeep have inside? Guns? Gold? Porn stash?
A Jacket, an Empty Bottle and Oil.

: Takes a bit o' time, though. Should we make one?

This is a HUGE newbie trap. Every time you create a molotov cocktail (Anachronism alert in the Wild West) you use up about 30 minutes. You can create four, but you really only need one. And if you're in typical RPG mindset of "sure, I want more stuff", you may not figure you're wasting two hours for no reason even

: What do you mean, "no reason"? You get to BURN PEOPLE! Burn them ALIVE! If that's a "waste of time" for you, than you must be one sick freak.

Moving on...

More booze and Oil (yes, the supplies are placed in a relatively common-sense fashion, depending on the environment)

: We can use oil to burn people, you know. Just in case you forgot.

Upstairs, the Barman's room:

Some rushing footsteps later...

: It's this months profits.

: I'll make sure Sunset doesn't swipe it, then.


: What? You're a notorious... something or another... dangerously illegal, I'm sure...
What's all this, then?

: (Rushes back in)
That's... a bit of a hobby of mine. It's a pin-up of a dancer named Jennifer.

Got Barman's poster...!


: I'll just... take this for safekeeping. So that you don't get any ideas on this account either, you know. When we go into Annie's room, you better be thinking of something else entirely.

The next room is apparently Annie's

: Just keep your mind on gun-slinging. Or cattle-rustling...

: Urgh... too bad, Kid.
I mean... good thing you won't have a chance to try anything. I noticed thinking of cattle gets you a bit too excited...

:... sheep like you've never seen, and besides, sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar, if you know what I mean...

Got a Cigar!

A Cigar is just a healing item (Mad Dog can't even burn people with it, unfortunately) and we're done with the bar, for the time being. The most efficient way to go about trap setting is to collect every item in town and only then head back to the bar. So we step outside:

And head to the Sheriff's office at the edge of town.

Cigar on the table, a Peacemaker on the gun-rack and Dynamite in one of the chests. Moving on

: Are you just skipping over the dino-mite?! Man, it blows stuff up but good! Priorities, for heavens sake.

Yeah, the Dynamite is one of the traps we need and is fairly useful - I think it takes out like 4 guys

: Damn right it's "useful". Now if only it burned the people it blows up... hmm, that's an idea worth investigating...

The only thing in this room

: The town has but one street, with the same numbers of houses on both sides. Besides the bar and sheriff's office, there's an inn, a brewery, several residences and stables. We should enter every house along one side of the street, then do the other side.
Sounds like a good plan, or should I fetch a stool so that you can see it yourself?

Just on Empty Bottle in the chest. Since we already have all the Molotov's we can use, I'm only picking it up to enable Mad Dog's pyromaniac habits.

A Shovel in the cart.

Got Oil!

:... Well?

I'm an enabler!

Got a Molotov's Cocktail

: Heeeellllllllll yeah.

Got a Frying Pan!

The Frying Pan is a trap that also functions as an accessory for some reason. If you want Sunset to keep it, you'll have to let one Crazy Bunch member make it to the final fight :/

We also get Carrot, a non-unique trap that doesn't even have the decency to function as healing item. :\

: It wouldn't work with our alcohol and tobacco-based healing regime anyway.

I'm guessing this is the inn?

Nothing whatsoever in any of the rooms here... but!

If we head "beneath" the stairs, we'll find a hidden room. Which would be obvious to the characters etc, I'm sure you've heard this one before.

We won't be using this to fashion an awesome lasso upgrade (unfortunately), it's just another hard to find trap.

Another Carrot, another Empty Bottle and...

Yes, the one and only time you'll find anything in the (hay pile? Candy floss heap?). This game can be a bitch. (How do you use that as a trap anyway?)

Carrots. Over 9000 three of them. Absolutely useless.

But, the barrel next to the cart conceals a Coal Tar, another hard to find trap.

The door behind the stairs contains the only items in this building.

You know what this means:

:... we don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn.....

Tequila in the chest.

We pass by the bar and Sunset's parking spot...

And enter... the other inn? I don't even know.

Nothing else here...

8 bells until the Crazy Bunch arrives. The bell strikes do a great job of generating a feeling of urgency.
In other news

Got Empty Bottle!

: Burn motherfucker... BURN!

Nothing of value upstairs

And a bottle of Bourbon in the chest.

That's it. We're done gathering ingredients and must now speed to the bar:

: Okay then, let's start delegatin' the work. Keep in mind that some of us'll probably work faster than others!


: Can I do something too?

: I may not be very strong, but I'm certainly better than Gibson.

: I'm more useful than Clint.

: I work faster than Wayne.

: I work harder than my husband!

(Delos): Of we three, sometimes I am helpful!

(Pancho): Of we three, I am more useful than Delos!

(Sancho): Of we three, I am more useful than Pancho!

You see where this is going. You need to figure out the right people to lay traps, and send them out in the right order (ideally from slowest to fastest but only using the top 10 fastest time-setters to begin with). Two caveats - Billy is fairly slow, but the only one able to use the slingshot, and Annie is the only one who can use the Frying Pan (which we might want to save as an accessory anyway).