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Part 18: Cowboy - Update # 9 - Sunset takes out the Crazy Bunch

So, we send everyone on their merry trap-making way. To be honest, seeing just how fast every NPC is and sending them out in the right order, is essentially an academic exercise for bored min-maxers. If you get all the traps without wasting any time, you'll have an hour or two left over even if you use the slowest characters. Annie, the Barman and the Sheriff are the fastest characters (and Annie is the only one who can use the Frying Pan), but the real reason we sent her out trap-setting is:

Got Annie's Nightie!

To make sure that if we do die here, Mad Dog goes out in women undies.

Sunset appropriates his gear.

Everyone's hanging out outside, acting as though they're digging holes and whatnot

Most characters do some variation of "I'm doing stuff now!", but some are... bizarre. And possibly mildly racist.

Every time a citizen is finished, s/he announces the fact and rushes into the saloon.

If you're tired of waiting, you can advance the in-game clock by ordering drinks at the bar

It will advance time for an hour or until one of the trap-setters is done.

Handy if you decided not to set any traps, annoying otherwise.

: Somebody shoot me now...

: At last!

Fade to black...

Crazy Bunch Attack: Youtube / Viddler

Who? What?

Ah, another guest appearance by the Watanabes. Gee, I wonder what's going to happ


Oh Watt and Pa, your hilarious antics of tragic bereavement never change.

The Bunch rides into town and starts falling into our traps.

Billy slingshots one

Anni pans another...

I still don't see how the coal tar and horse dung work, though.

Dio himself is the only bandit to run the gauntlet unscathed.

And now he's pissed.

: Yeah... Let's have us a good look at Dio's mug!

The music kicks in now to make sure you're ready to fight...

: I'm going too!

: You stay here. In the unlikely event that, well... If we're killed, you're the only one that can protect the townsfolk.

: You're gonna win, right?

: Don't worry, I'm with you.

: I believe in you!

: Haha! Seems your friend's run off! How sweet!

: Wait! I'll help...!

: Get out of here!

: Billy! (hauls him off)

: Heh... what can the spineless Sheriff do?

: No need to worry, Kid. I won't get in the way...

: I'm afraid you've got too much baggage, old man. (walks in from behind the building). I thought if I killed the Kid right here I'd have all the gold meself, but... (Gun-spin/hat-lift)

: I'm mad, dog! Sheriff, go on back...

: Sorry... please take care of it!

: Doesn't matter how many rats you hustle up...! You won't be able to win against a Gatling Gun!!!

FYI, you really can't win against the Gatling gun.

If you stand directly diagonally from Dio, he blasts you with the Gatling

and since there's no way to level up, that's always an insta-kill.

So your basic strategy is to avoid the Gatling, flank Dio

Let him throw out worthless close range attacks

And just shoot him to death with Sunset and Mad Dog's basic shots.

If you got the trap setting part right, this is cakewalk.


Mind, if you didn't:

Yeah, a bit more of a problem. (You need to shoot your way over to Dio and let him use his shitty attacks on you while you take out every other man on the field, then proceed as normal)

Anyway, once Dio drops...

: [/i]Dio turned into a horse? Did I "heal" a bit too much during the battle?

: I've heard about this... when the 7th was annihilated by the allied Sioux and Cheynne forces, they only spared a single horse...

: That could very well be..

Thanks, Kid... I-I mean, stranger...

: We only teamed up so we could run Dio out of town, right?

: Stop it, you two!

: Didn't you just beat Dio together?

: This is between him an' me... Right, Kid?

: two... three... four... FIVE!

This is the first time the "Flee" option is available in this chapter, and the only time you guys get to make a decision. Do we fight, or do we run?