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Part 22: Robot - Update # 3 - Walls of text

Robot Chapter, Part 3
In Which We Finish Off the Remainder of the Exposition Phase

(Pardon the size of this update. We'll be going into the slightly more tolerable content in the next update, and I wanted to get all the beginning stuff out of the way first)


Since I forgot to do so before, I will demonstrate this chapter's specific gimmick regarding equipment and techniques: you don't have any. Any attempts to look at either page will result in the game making an "error" noise at you. That's okay, because it is literally impossible for Sphere to level up, and there aren't any weapons, armor, or accessories to be found in this entire chapter anyway.

With that in mind, let's continue with the story. Darth's too surly to talk to Sphere, and I'll be saving the interaction with Kirk and Rachel for a different update, so let's just check on what Huey's doing.

: It's a story about people who lived centuries ago. I really like reading about people like that! They were so adventurous.
: That's 'cuz you're a chicken. You'd be too scared to do that stuff yourself.
: ...Sphere, you ought to explore the ship some. See the world, so to speak. Learn on your own.

Huey, realizing that Kirk might have a point, cleverly decides to change the subject.

: Hey Kato, can he, you know, actually do anything?
: Not at the moment, but he should be able to pick up all sorts of useful skills.

You mean like shooting a laser out of our head? Because that would really be cool. Or how about some ultrasonic-

So of all the many possible applications for a freaking robot, Kato's idea of a useful skill is making coffee? Seriously, even with primitive 21st-century technology, all you have to do is press a button. Kato could do that himself, and he's standing right there! Stupid lazy inventor...

: ...Man, that's bitter.
: S-Sorry.

Well, even if it wasn't a hit with Huey, we might as well see if anyone else likes it. For whatever reason, the game only lets us carry one cup at a time, so for every one of the following lines, we had to run back to the machine and brew more coffee. Anything to pad out the gameplay, right?

: That's the spirit, Sphere! Thanks!
: Thanks! This is just how I like my coffee.
: Thanks. Why not come to my room sometime later?

Hey, two compliments and an invitation to a girl's room? I could get used to this coffee-making job. Let's see how Darth likes it.

Not pictured: Darth picking Sphere up and flinging it halfway across the room. If this wasn't a 16-bit sprite-based game, that probably would have been awesome.

: Corporal...?
: Unfortunately, unlike you all, I haven't had many pleasant experiences with robots.
: B-but that isn't Sphere's fault...

And just in time too. This chapter was very close to actually saying something deep.

: My apologies for the delay. How are you all feeling?
: We're all fine.
: That's good. Hmm? What's that I see over here?
: Oh, that's my robot. His name's Sphere.
: Oh, you finished it! I'd love to take a closer look later on. Well, I don't really have anything to report. Sorry for taking your time. That is all.

In case you're wondering, the captain's sprite is different because we'll never see him face to face. Take that information as you will.

: Some meeting. One game, and it's already over.
: Hah! You know you like 'em that way.
: Hahahaha! True that!

So Kirk is egotistical, jerkish, and apparently a bit lazy as well, and Rachel still likes him? My guess is that she's mistaken him for Duke Nukem.

: The behemoth! Well then, I'll see it after I check the mother computer. Sphere, you come too. Use the elevator. The mother computer is on level 3, while the hold is on level 1.

To summarize, in addition to stopping by Rachel's room, we also have the option of watching Kato do a diagnostic on the master computer, followed by looking at the Behemoth in the cargo hold. Sounds like an adventure!

The Cogito Ergosum has three levels, connected by elevators on the top and bottom screens of any given floor. From this point on, we're going to have to do a lot of traveling between floors, which I'll be mostly cutting out unless something interesting happens enroute.

One trip to the third floor and a short jog down a corridor later...

This is the core processing unit of the mother computer. We won't get to see it often, which is a pity because it's one of the nicest fixtures of this ship.

: Hey there, Sphere! Let me introduce you to a friend.

: I am the computer that maintains this ship.
: It makes sure everything stays in good working order. Everything checks out, so...

Unlike most RPG's, this chapter gives you the option of saying "No." We should do so, as we won't be able to visit Rachel if we go straight to the cargo hold.

: Alright then, see you there. Learn as much as you can along the way.

Back to the second floor we go, this time to the corridor with Kato's room in it.

As Kato mentioned last part, Sphere has to be given permission before it can be allowed to enter someone's bedroom. If we had tried to enter it before, we would have gotten a generic "access denied" message.

Rachel is a busy girl, it seems. Probably comes with the territory of being the only woman on a ship full of lonely nerds (and Darth).

: I've got a job to do in the cockpit. Come along if you want.

The cockpit is on level 3. We'll be heading there shortly, but we've still got to check out the Behemoth first on level 1. Told you that we'd be jumping floors frequently.

While we're here, we might as well go snooping around in Rachel's private messages.

: I want to talk to you about something. Meet me in the cockpit at 0330 hours.

Email 02, also from Kirk...

: Thanks for coming. I was really happy. Once we get back to Earth, let's go on a trip somewhere.

Well, I'm sure that this won't inspire the game developers to do anything ironic or cruel. Let's get moving to the cargo hold.

As we approach the shipping container where the Behemoth is located, we catch snippets of a conversation between Kato and Huey.

: Isn't it, though?
: Kirk said that he didn't want to see it though.
: I guess he just doesn't want to accept that there are other life forms out there...
: He's not a bad guy, but I just really don't understand him sometimes.
: Well, he was a space explorer, after all. He's rather jaded.

: I mean, you and Kirk are basically polar opposites.
: ...

Yeah, Kirk is up in the cockpit making sure that the ship is pointing in the right direction and thereby ensuring everyone's survival, while Huey is down in the cargo area stacking crates.

This is the Behemoth's storage container. We'll be seeing much more of this big guy in updates to come, at which point I might be able to get a better shot of him.

: This is the cargo we're transporting. Ain't she a beaut?
: As they say, every rose has its thorns! Or in this case, two massive fangs!

...Don't quit your day job, Huey. All I'm saying.

Fortunately, Rachel and Kirk chime in on the intercom to save us from Huey's attempts at humor.

: Something's up with the comm system!
: Get a move on! Come on! Warp speed!

And with that, we've successfully passed the most treacherous hazard of the chapter: the walls of text. It can only go uphill from here, so join us next time for:

Part 4: We Can Die in This Chapter?