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Part 23: Robot - Update # 4 - Signs of trouble

Robot Chapter, Part 4
In Which Love Makes People Stupid


It's worth noting that the game gives us the option of visiting the bridge instead of the cargo bay, but after this line and the next, it jumps right into the communications problems conversation, so it's sort of a waste of time.

Regardless of where we go, everyone eventually ends up on the bridge, having a giant conversation. In order to advance the plot, we've got to talk to every single person here, and then talk to Kirk a second time. It sounds boring, and it is, but it beats mashing the A button about 20 times.

: We can receive transmissions from home with no problem at all, but we can't send them out.
: What did the captain have to say about it?
: He said to figure it out and keep working.
: Did you examine the sub-antenna?
: Yeah, it's fine. The main and sub-antennae are in completely different locations. There's nothing to worry about.
: Why don't we just wait until the thing stops working entirely?
: It might as well be totally kaput already.
: Communication's useless if it only goes one way.

: No sweat! I'll just hop outside, tinker a bit, and be back! Warp speed!

And so Kirk leaves for the airlock, with his horrible catchphrase still ringing in everyone's ears.

: Sure thing.
: I'll cover the airlock controls. Then I'll return and back you up from here.

If you hadn't guessed already, most of this chapter is going to involve following other people to places and watching them do stuff. It's less exciting than it sounds.

: And we were almost home too. I was hoping I wouldn't have to be alone with Huey again.

: What is it?
: Kirk and Kato are going outside.
: .............I understand. Good thinking.

: That was weird. Wonder if he's feeling all right.

Is it standard procedure for the captain to do all his commanding from the comfort of his bedroom? This game seems to be hinting that, but it doesn't seem like a good way to keep on top of things.

Anyway, since the airlock is our next destination, it's time to go back to level 1, where I'm sure the crew is keeping themselves to the highest professional standards.

: C-Cut it out, Kirk!
: Don't mess with me, you son of a bitch!
: Stop it! This is NOT the time!!

This is the airlock, located in the same place that the bridge is on level 3. As we come in, Kirk and Huey are either brawling with one another or engaged in ballroom dancing, as their sprites are busy running repeatedly into the wall.

Our attempt to break up the fight/reserve the next dance is rudely denied, as Kirk throws us over next to Kato.

: Stop going off on Sphere like that!
: Don't you order me around!! You're a damn coward! Don't you forget! That's why Rachel dumped you! Make sure you don't screw up and get yourself sucked outside.

What a twist! This is like a space soap opera, except I don't think that soap exists anymore in the late future.

No, in the future, people sanitize themselves with the cleansing power of Red Lights™. The game never explains how the decontamination procedure works, but it's good to see that the game developers realized the dangers of contamination in space.

: We humans are pretty odd, aren't we?

No Huey, just you. And maybe Kato too.

After giving us something to think about, Huey departs for the bridge, leaving us to fiddle around with the controls.

The first button opens the door up top, while the second button opens the bottom door.

So what do you suppose happens when we press both buttons...TOGETHER?!


Here is another gimmick of this chapter: environmental hazards. In any other chapter, the only way you'd lose would be if you died in a battle. But since you can't get into a battle this chapter, Sphere just dies instantly upon encountering anything dangerous. Combined with the large amount of text boxes to sift through and lengthy travel times between plot events, it's very easy to get caught off-guard by a couple of these hazards if you're not paying attention.

Anyway, since we obviously didn't just throw ourselves out an airlock, we should head back to the bridge.

: Okay then.

Despite a distinct lack of training as to what buttons do what things, Sphere will be taking up a post behind a console for this entire sequence. Kirk and Kato will be talking to the bridge crew, and vice versa, via the communications array that isn't working anymore, as was established two scenes back. Try not to think about either of those things as the scene progresses.

: All right, let's get to work.
: Ok. Kato, enter your password and switch it over to maintenance mode.
: Sure thing! Let's see...W-A-T-A-N-A-B...Huh?

: D-Don't worry, it's nothing.
: Are you all right?
: I'm fine. Don't worry about it.

: K-Kirk!!
: Wh-What's wrong? What happened?
: ...
: Hey! Answer me!

: The life support system in Kirk's suit just failed! I'm bringing him back inside!

: I'm going to the airlock to let them in!
: I'll go with you!
: No, we need you in sick bay. I-I'm sure Kirk's fine.

We really ought to follow them to the sick bay, but first, let's take a look at Rachel's console.

Somewhere in space, a little sub-antenna is crying.