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Part 34: Kung Fu - Update # 5 - The Master Evaluates His Students and Demonstrates His Technique

Kung Fu Chapter, Part 5: The Master Evaluates His Students and Demonstrates His Technique

Lunch has been consumed, and the Master leads his new pupils back to his abode. It is a simple and humble house, perched high atop the Shaq. Though he makes the climb easily, all three students are struggling to catch their breath by the time they arrive.

: This is my school.

:It's kind of a dump, huh?

:So this's the place where I'll be trained...

: I-I'm... hungry already... Let's eat before doing anything else, Master...

: Awww!

:Seriously, sir? We've been waking for many hours, and I for one am tired...

:Hmph! You two better not be wimpin' out on me! C'mon, let's get started!

: Firstly, I'll need to re-evaluate each of your skills to see where you are and where you need to be.

:Right then, let's do it! I'll take you on!

Li curls her hands into fists and lifts a knee into the air. Though sweat drips off of her chin, she is ready for a fight.

: Li..

The Master scans his eyes over his student. Li's body is thin and lean, but ready as a whip. He has seen her fighting style once before, and knows she is flexible and strong, much like the bamboo of her home. She is easily the most graceful of the students, though she lacks Sammo's raw strength or Yuan's guile.

: Don't go easy on me. My joints aren't that stiff yet!

:As if I'd ever give you a break! Let's see how you like my Crane Kick!

Li spins high, her heel arcing at the master's head. Again, her attack is too vicious, and the Master dodges

: Li, you must learn to contain yourself. Perhaps a more reserved technique would suit you better, such as the Shaq Squirrel Kick.

:The wha-

: Da... mn..!

Li struggled back to her seat and collapses.

: Phew... who's next?

Both Yuan and Sammo hesitate, neither one daring to attack the Master after his display of speed. The Master grins and pulls a dirty trick.

: After we're done, we can start preparing a feast!

: …! Feeeeeaaast!

His eyes bright, Sammo dives at the Master. The Master quickly analyzes his large student. Nearly as large as an ox, with the strength and constitution to match. However, his form lacks refinement and his attacks are basic.

Sammo spins like a fool, in some kind of alien dance that the Master has never before witnessed.

: This is my beef noodle soup dance!

Though the technique is foreign, Sammo's agility pales in comparison to Li's. The Master reads the offense and dodges with ease. Saving his strength, the Master chooses to evade Sammo, and in seconds the student is tired out.

: Perhaps Sammo, you had best learn to strike without striking.

: Mm... mmph...

: Now, Yuan...

The Master studies Yuan. He resembles an average working boy in every way. Underfed, but tempered by labor. He lacks Li's speed and Sammo's strength, but the Master has already witnessed he possesses guile beyond his peers.

:H-here I come!

The Master is not convinced by Yuan's threat. The boy's hands shake, barely able to curl into a fist. The Master spies a small rattling sound, realizing his teeth are chattering.

: Give me you best shot! Try to kill me!

Yuan charges headfirst, he throws his leg high in a poor imitation of Li's own attack. The Master wonders if Yuan is moving in slow motion as he steps to the side.

The boy's leg misses its target and overextends. Yuan sweeps himself off of his feet, and lands flat on his face, knocking himself out cold.

:Uhr... rr...

: This could be... quite a lot of fun... heh...

After the Master has set his students to bed, he stays awake a while longer. He is meditating over the day's events, pondering how to best train each of his students. Well after the fact, he can feel the aches in his bones. Summoning the energy to fight off Li and Sammo had been more taxing than he had realized.

: I certainly wasn't expecting this... It's been such a long time since I was last so physically exhausted, but this doesn't feel too bad... It's a good tired.

The Master jumps out of his seat when he hears a scraping sound behind him. Had the ghost of his own teacher returned, to impart some advice on him? The master turned around to witness a large body crawling on his knees.

: I-is... dinner... ready yet...?

Before he can contain himself, the Master rolls his eyes. He ponders if he is perhaps absorbing some of Li's less polite traits.

: You're... still hungry...

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