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Part 38: Kung Fu - Update # 9 - The Master Demonstrates His Final Technique

Kung Fu Chapter, Part 9: The Master Demonstrates His Final Technique

The Master spends days nursing Li Kuugo back to health. Though her attitude is impetuous, her vigor proved her to be the best of the students. The choice pains the Master. When Li has healed, both student and master bury the dead with their own hands.

: Yuan... Sammo... Forgive me, and farewell. I'll be with you all soon enough... Wait for me...

: Master, why did you choose me? What was it...?

: Because I knew you were the only one who would understand, Li.
Now let me show you something... Pay very close attention... I'm really too old to do this, so I'll only do it once.

The Master stands in the middle of the plateau. He enters a trance. His breath is as calm as the Shaq itself.

: My breathing... My eyes... And my footwork!

The ground beneath the Master's feet trembles. Dust swirls about him. The Master's aura overcomes Li and she is frozen in awe.

: To your sight... And to your mind! Memorize this! Release the fury of the Shaq!

The Master moves with blinding speed. He appears to be in four positions at once, an offense capable of breaking even an impregnable defense. The Master can maintain the technique for only mere seconds, but it would shatter any opponent. He ends the demonstration and falls to a knee, out of breath.

: Are... you okay?!

: Ha.. ha... This is... Shaq Fu's final technique... The Whirlwind Fang! I'll bet you won't be able to do this just yet... But, you'll soon understand. With your skills, it won't take very long. That is all for today. You may go home and clean, I would like to stay and pray for their souls.

Li bows before the Master, knowing better than to question his orders.

: Forgive me...

On his descent from the mountain, the Master takes a wrong turn. His house is to the east. He ventures west instead. Past the bamboo forest lies the school of Yi Po Men Kung Fu. The Master has vengeance on his mind when he is accosted by a bandit once again.

: If you're going alone, you'll have to get through me first.

The Master looks into his pupil's eyes. He sees his reflection and knows his student has his same intent.

: I understand... Are you ready?

: Come on now!

: Let's go, Li...

Outside of Yi Po Men's school, stands a sign. The Master reads it, and allows a final laugh, one of irony. Li cannot suppress her own smile as she cracks her knuckles

Next Time: The Master Attacks Yi Po Men's School