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Part 40: Mecha - Update # 1 - Bang! The Origins of Revolution!

Episode 1 - Bang! The Origins of Revolution!

Are you... happy? Well, that's nice for you, isn't it? But you know, there are plenty of people who aren't... Whoops, I was preaching a bit, wasn't I? Well, listen to my story. Maybe you'll understand...

???: Dad! Where are you?!


???: Dad!

???: Dad? Daaaaaaad!!!!

By then... he'd already passed away. As captain of the riot police, he was involved in a skirmish with a violent gang known as the Crusaders... He couldn't have known...

Students: Okaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

I didn't hear you, Watanabe...

Watanabe: Okay, I guess...

Once I started living with my sister Kaori at Chibikko House, I've... well, I've started to acquire strange powers. Like, I can read minds, and move objects without touching them... Try pressing the Y button to read people's minds...

If you had similar powers, how would you use them? In my case...

And with that, we gain control of our hero, Tetsuo.

His gimmick is telepathy. Pressing A while talking to a person does what it normally does.

Pressing Y lets us hear what they're really thinking. It's a cool gimmick.

I should head back... who are these freaks?!

Not much for talkin', huh?

I ain't gonna help you with your "work!"

Mask Guy: What?!

Motorcycle Guy: Hands offa the runt.

Mask Guy: What're you gonna do about it?!

I'm jes passin' through... I'm the taiyaki guy!

Akira can only take about two hits, but these punks are weak.

I've got this! Pissed Fist!

Matsu's a beast of a brawler.

This one's mine! Mother Image!

A lot of Tetsuo's moves are IQ-based and have charge times. This skill hits all enemies in rows above, below, and sharing the row with Tetsuo.

There will be a tech video later on showing off everyone's moves (this chapter has some weird ones).

Right on!

He... hehe... Thanks, Matsu!

You oughta be more careful, Tetsuo... They been pullin' some weird stuff lately.

Don't they know that I ain't 'xactly worth any ransom?

How's your sis doing?

Kaori's gotten a little better. Ow...

Scraped up a bit? I'll give you a ride.

Time for the opening cutscene. Feel free to sing along!

Click here for Karaoke Video

Ima wa mukashi no BABIRONIA

Hagane no kobushi ga ten wo tsuku

Igyou no majin wo taosu tame

Ikari de hi wo tomose

BURIKI! DAIOH! Ware to ari!