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Part 41: Mecha - Update # 2 - Flash! The Brilliant Superscientist Toei!

Episode 2 - Flash! The Brilliant Superscientist Toei!

Wait for Truth

(Matsu could've at least said "Hello!" to everyone...)

Welcome to Chibikko House, the orphanage in Tetsuo's dream last time.

Pressing A next to any faucet in this chapter will get Tetsuo to "wash" his hands. It's bizarre, but it also takes a good 10 seconds and you will do it by accident repeatedly.

Proper hygiene is important in the near-future!

You got into another fight, didn't you?!

Just leave me alone.

Come now! Let's get you cleaned up!

I'm not a little kid, you know!

Taeko decides to clean up Tetsuo's face anyways.

There! That's better! Oops! The laundry's piled up again!

(Where does she get all that energy?)

The Director of the orphanage is keeping an eye on Tetsuo's sister...

...and mentally rolling his eyes at Tetsuo.

(Let's see what else is going on.)

(Dad... When will you come back...)

Watanabe, go get some medicine from Kaori's room.

Me? But I wanted to watch wrestling...

Hey! That's MY seat!

Watanabe is clearly at the bottom of the orphanage's pecking order.

This will determine the all-time CHAMPION of nationwide pro wrestling! Will it be Misawa? Will it be Mutoh!? There's no limit on the number of rounds! Anything could happen, folks!!

Did you remember to wash your hands? (Kenichi hasn't been here in a while)...

There's a free hat for Tetsuo in the bathroom. It only has 1 Defense, but it protects against water fields.

Where could it be? (It's always me...)

I'll be watching TV.

Yuki gets overexcited and elbows Tetsuo into Watanabe.

Here's your medicine.

He gives Tetsuo a First Aid, a minor curative.

Who's winning!

Yuki then proceeds to smack Watanabe out of "her" seat. Not very ladylike...

(I wonder if Kaori is awake now...)

Is it gonna die...? Poor thing... (Even if the flesh has died... Karokichi's... spirit isn't dead...)

I've got it! I'll go talk to that old antique shop dealer, Toei! He'll know what to do!!

The streets are a rough place, with bands of Crusaders running amok. Running into one puts you into battle. Tetsuo's pretty weak, so we'll be avoiding that for now.

The Antique Shop is our next destination.

(Is he here?)

Oh good, he's on the toilet.

W-wash your hands!

So watcha need?


What!? Leave it to me! I've studied at the facility, AND I have wisdom handed down from the ancients! Time to grant new life to Taro, or whatever it's called.

Its name is... Karokichi...

We'll go to Chibikko House using my home-made Transporter!

Twiddle this, fiddle with that... (Whew, I hope this works...)

D-don't get on it!!

Things get all weird.

LSD weird.

Luckily, Tetsuo gets out just in time.

I... I don't feel so well. You go on ahead.

How'd it go?

Don't worry. Toei said he'd help.

Hello everybody! My transporter wasn't working all that well, so I had to hoof it.

Toei's not a very good liar.

We have to reduce Taro or whatever to a liquefied state, ASAP...

Its name is... Karokichi...

Then we can bring him back to life as a fluid android!

What's a... fluid android?

First we insert an electrode... Tetsuo, plug this into a power outlet, will you?

An outlet? Let's see... there it is!


KarokichiTaro starts motoring around. Success!

We did it! (Since Toei screwed up, I guess we have to call him Taro now...)

Science is spectacular! Say, that gives me an idea... (Buriki Daioh might need something similar...)

Toei then bolts out the door, his mind filled with SCIENCE!!!

W-what...? Don't follow me!

And with that, we have our second party member, a reincarnated turtle-robot with bowling balls for arms. This chapter's gonna be weird...

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