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Part 42: Mecha - Update # 4 - Clang! The Mysterious Buriki Daioh!

Episode 4 - Clang! The Mysterious Buriki Daioh!

The streets are a rough place at the moment. Gangs of Crusaders will wander around the city, charging Tetsuo when they get a glimpse of him.

Killer RC cars!

Taro Punch strikes a space two squares orthagonally from himself. His kick is the same but diagonal. Taro is Stretch Armstrong with Bowling Balls for hands

Killing the Crusader will take out all the robots he controls, but it's best to kill the robots first for valuable drops.

The old man isn't here... Wait a minute, were those stairs here before?

Picture about 20 floors downward of this. Ugh

W-what is this!?

I thought so! Buriki Daioh is controlled by psychokinesis! These days, only liquefied humans have power like that... You know, people who've been melted down into goop to enhance their spiritual energy! Just like Taro here.

But he's a turtle...

In any case! There seem to be only two ways for Buriki Daioh to move. It either needs to be manipulated with psychic powers, or injected with a liquefied human.

Psychic powers, huh... Bet I could handle it!

Hmm? You're gonna try to move it? Come upstairs.

20 floors later...

Okay! First touch the pink statue, read the book, play the xylophone, and touch the blue mask. Then offer a prayer to Buriki Daioh... Finally, you gotta use the can. Make sure you wash your hands, first!


Yes, you have to do all this.

Pink statue...

Read the book...

Play the xylophone...

The xylophone makes xylophony sounds when you play it. A nice touch.

Touch the blue mask...

You have to walk all the way back down to Buriki Daioh...

...and then all the way back up

Wash my hands...

And I'm done!

Buriki Daioh


I don't know how the square room fits in a round hole.

There are five levers. Give them a try!

(Come on Buriki Daioh. MOVE!)

Each lever goes poorly. One gets Tetsuo electrocuted, another incinerated, a pan from the ceiling...


They then return to his workshop.

We will be doing this. A lot.

What can you do with these?


You said anything, right?


Each one of these ellipses is a separate line. Thank goodness autofire exists.

I got it! I got it!

CRASH BANG BOOM.................KABOOM!

...Oops, I messed up.

Yeah, this isn't annoying at all. The good news is you keep whatever item he attempted to upgrade.

The Director's Boxers, Watanabe's Boxers, and Tetsuo's Hoodie are all turned into Shinju Shirts.

Tetsuo's Sneakers are turned into Iron Foots.

Tetsuo's Glove is turned into a Taeko's Punch (I don't know how that works but it's good).

Taeko's  CENSORED  is turned into a Power Wrist.

Now it's time for a murder montage!

Psycho Killing - You should probably listen to this.

The biggest problem with Tetsuo's techniques is that they are slooooooooow and he is effectively a mage.

Sleet Image reorients enemies so you can hit them from behind.

Heaven Image tries to put enemies to sleep.

Hell Image lowers enemy levels.

Holy Ghost is a nice counterattack.

Flame Image is the first technique to deal decent damage to all enemies around Tetsuo. Holy Blow is an (IQ-based?) fist of doom.

Freeze Image hits three columns of enemies for a lot of water damage.

Shadow Image hits everyone within two squares of Tetsuo for massive damage.

Taro's technique will be shown off next update. They're even better...