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Part 43: Mecha - Bonus Update

Bonus Update

Some interesting stuff to hear (and mind read)in the park:

Random encounters (you get a specific set battle for every level Tetsou can gain, up to level 13)

Easy as hell, weak to pretty much anything (using Mother Image for maximum area damage

Slightly beefier, take more damage from physical attacks than from psychic stuff:

As mentioned above, teleporting away from battle will often leave you on a toilet...

Mother image cleans up once more...

These guys actually have an annoying one-hit kill. In other news, I wonder what "Matango" means? Some sort of a healing spell?

The bulldozer is durable but not particularly dangerous

Tetsou has the Holy Blow now, which counts as physical, which means it's slightly easier to kill all these guys off... but as for me, this is the point at which I start heading straight for the masked guy in the back to end the fight.

These guys... I don't even know, Mother Image or the Hell/Heaven attacks kill them so fast.

They're also vulnerable to status effects... for some reason.

Bah. Beefy, and hit hard enough to kill Tetsou in two attacks. Quite annoying.

Nothing more than annoyance, since you'll keep running into this group even after you've stopped gaining experience.

Aaaaaaaaaaand finally.

If you have the patience to click through 99 rounds of tv wrestling...

(or happen to have an emulator with turbo and speedup enabled):

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion...



I've also planned to show off what happens if you try to explore various plots in the city before the plot prompts you, but I suppose I should leave that to Bellmaker.