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Part 45: Caveman - Update # 2 - The Origin of the Cantankerous Old Man Type

Report #2- The Origin of the Cantankerous Old Man Type, Proof of the Video Game Controller being a Historical Relic, and Lots and Lots of Fighting!

Hello, everyone, welcome back to PogoBamBam's chapter of Live-A-Live! Now, that fantastic beard you see there is the Tribe Elder. We need to talk to him to get this thing started. But first, here, have music!

Native Life- This chapter's theme song.
Nice Weather, Ain't It?- This chapter's general walking around song.

Now that that's done with.

Simple! (The Elder, by the way, is the first item mentioned on the report list. Don't think I need to go any further on that.)

This is north from the central room, by the by. (The Elder's room is the room above the item crafting room.) And no, you can't go north. That caveman is VERY, VERY adamant about that. So go right.

Now as you can see, clearly the controller of the SNES was actually derived from ancient designs such as these- as you can see, the Y button of the controller is etched clearly in that rock! Incredible, isn't it?

So, here's how today's chapter's gimmick works. Fights in this chapter are invisible, but pressing the Y button causes BamBam and Gori to sniff out the animals nearby.

As such. Now, the smell clouds only relate to where the fight was when you smelled there. Running into the cloud brings up a thought bubble of what the smell is. Running into the invisible smell-bearer

gets us into a fight!

Our first fight is against a bunch of Puppies. This encounter give 3 EXP. The way that the experience in Live-A-Live works in this setup is Enemy Level-Player Level. Obviously, BamBam is Level 1, so it's 3 minus 1. 2 is higher than 0, so it goes to this formula-

((Prior Result) times 16) plus 8. This equals out to 40 EXP for BamBam per fight against this encounter. This is the lowest EXP encounter in this section- it's literally impossible to avoid Level 2 during this section.

However, for Gori it's a bit different. 3 minus 4 is -1, and of course that's lower than 0. So it goes to this formula-

(16 divided by Player Level) plus (EXP divided by 2.) So, for Gori, that's either 5 or 6, depending on whether it rounds up or down- I wasn't paying attention to that part. This formula is also used if that character took no action in the battle.

So, now that that little lecture is over, let's see BamBam be awesome!

Bang Bang's range. The animation is a simple swing of the club.

Puppies have 10 HP. Yes, BamBam's first move did over eleven times that Puppy's HP. He's kinda powerful right now.

Winning a fight at this point automatically gives you a Meaty Bone, a simple healing item. You need to get three of them to pass this section.

Puppies are really, really simple enemies. They have two moves, neither of which I remember the name of because they died so fast. One of them had a Bash Bash range and lowers Level, though. They drop Bones.

Getting to Level 2 earns BamBam Bang Bang. It's a kicking technique, with the same range of Bash Bash. It knocks enemies back, and is also much weaker than Bash Bash and thus I will never use it ever.

There are three fights out and about. Going back to the start and talking to the caveman there completes the objective, and then you can go back in and fight more fights by talking to that caveman again.

New enemy! Mini Mammoths. They have 40 HP each, and this encounter gives 4 EXP. They have Trunk Whip, a physical move with a 2-space range up/down, left/right, and a diagonal depending on which direction the enemy is turned. The top one would have two spaces to the left, to downwards, and diagonal to BamBam. Also, Body Bash, a melee move which hits on two spaces diagonal. Also, some other move that heals for single-digit HP and buffs them a little bit. They drop Meaty Bones.

Synthetoceras. The brown one is the male. They have a Bang Bang-esque move, some other move, and the male also has Disturbance.

Yeah, I don't know. The male has 98 HP, and the female has 55 HP. This encounter is worth 4 EXP, and the female alone, which can happen, is also 4 HP. They drop Beast Horns and Big Sticks.

Archaeotheriums (the blue one is the male) have Headbutt, a Bash Bash-esque move without the diagonal range, a move like that without the pushing back, and the male has a healing move that heals itself for about 25 HP. They also have Sharp Fangs, an attack for the three panels in front of them, which can be used as a counter. The male has 68 HP and the female 55 HP. This encounter gives 6 EXP.

Oo! Burp is learned by BamBam at Level 3. It's a farting move. It hits two panels away on cardinal directions for a 5X5 range, and can Paralyze and Poison. It also has some charge time.

At Level 4, BamBam learns Zzz Zzz. Zzz Zzz hits the first two panels on diagonals from BamBam for a 5X5 range. Speaking of, I was wrong earlier. I was getting Ee! confused with this move and the range of Oo! Burp for whatever reason. Ee! is actually an attack by Gori with the range of 2 panels in any of the 8 directions for a 3X3 range. It's not very strong.

Our final new enemy for today is the Primeval Bison. Compared to the rest of the enemies around here, they're rare, but they're extremely powerful. They have a whopping 144 HP, that's enough to survive a Bash Bash from BamBam! They have Horn, a decently powerful melee attack that hits the two sides in front of it, Horn Charge, a pretty powerful melee attack that hits two spaces diagonal to it, and can Kick the Ground, healing themselves for 20 HP and raising their Level.

There's a female, but I didn't encounter one. This encoutner gives 7 EXP and the Male and Female together gives 8. The female has 128 HP and the same moves. Both encounters drop Meaty Bones, Hides, and Beast Horns.

At Level 5, Gori learns Eeeh! Eeeh! is an attack of flinging his poo at enemies. ...Yes. It has a range of three panels in any of the eight directions for a 3X3 range, and creates Poison panels wherever it hits. This is important later, remember it. That last part, I mean.

Our final new move for today is Push Push, learned by BamBam at Level 5. It has a range of one panel on his diagonals, and is a decently powerful attack which can inflict Paralyze. It's not very good right now, but remember it.

When you've gotten the three Meaty Bones you need and are sufficiently leveled, go to BamBam's room and run into the bed. Nighty-nighty.

Next Report: That other thing I said would be in this report but wasn't because I underestimated the amount of talking would go into a combat update!

Edit: Oh, yeah, forgot to give stat pictures. I was leveling a bit and so Gori's Level 6, but he didn't learn anything, just a small discrepancy.