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Part 46: Caveman - Update # 3 - Young Love

Report #3- Young Love.

So, it's night now, for the colorblind among us. And of course that stupid ape is out and about somewhere. Doofus.

Sleepwalking is a problem that affects one in every one hundred neanderthals, but is nonetheless a very serious ailment.

Now that it's night, we can sneak into the Elder's room. Inside those cabinets there is a free Stone Knife and Leather Cord. Yes, the game just gave you a free Buzzing Knife. Nice of it, ain't it?

This room here is to the upper right of the central plaza- it's the meat storehouse for the tribe. Stupid ape.

Unfortunately, our ape companion wasn't the meat thief. (You can pick that spare Bone up, by the way.) Unfortunately unfortunately, the meat thief appears to be nowhere to be found. Leave the room.

The meat thief strikes again! Inspect the left-most haystack, and

There's our thief! They'll flee to the fifth stack, then the second, then the fourth. Inspect them all in turn until none of them seem to work, then smell to bring up the scent of flowers from the fourth hay stack. Inspect. Then inspect the fifth one again.

Why hello there.

C'mon baby why you gotta be so cold, huh? Move over there, and your item screen will pop up. Select a Meaty Bone.

Aw sweet a hot chick!

BamBam: Punch Gori in snout to establish superiority.


So, we now have our third party member, Bel. As it would behoove you to remember, Bel was kinda on the sacrifice block for the Ku Tribe's rituals. Just putting that out there.

This is Bel before I give her equipment.

This is Bel after I give her equipment. Note the 104 IQ. Poke Gori and he rejoins, too. Now, OUR GIRLFRIEND is kind of a secret, and there's some idiot sleeping in front of BamBam's room. Sooooooo

we need to get that haystack she was in and shove it over her.

With that done, all that's left is to go to bed.

There is something wrong with this. Let's fix that.

Next Report: Flashing! Weapons-Grade Hipster Douchebags! Codpieces!