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Part 48: Caveman - Update # 5 - How About More Fighting?

Report #5- How About More Fighting?

You thought you could escape the boring combat talk? Think again, losers! Now that we've been exiled, there's a whole wad of new enemies for me to ramble about! So here we see the Sabertooth Tigers. They can Bite you and also do some other crap I guess. I don't know. The female has 100 HP and the male 128. They drop Beast Fangs and Bones. This encounter gives 8 EXP, and the 2 and 3 of each encounters give 9.

Of note is that Bel screams through her early levels, what with the EXP charts and all.

These guys are the worst. The male Nauman Elephant has a whopping 400 HP- that's more than Zaki, by the way, he has like 322 or so. They have Trunk Whip, some lame move, and two moves that really, really suck. Crush Underfoot, the first one, is a MAJORLY damaging attack that hits the three panels directly below him. It can easily one-shot Bel up to, say, Level 8 or so, and still whack off a good chunk of Gori or BamBam's health. The other, Reckless Strike, can hit the sides of him, and can deal EVEN MORE damage- it's got a random multiplier, but it can easily do upwards of 200 to BamBam at this point.

Oh, yeah, I guess the female has 352 HP. Also they drop Giant Meaty Bones, which are a healing item for the user and the panels directly around the user for about 500 or so. Good stuff. Either Elephas gives 10 EXP.

RubSticks, learned at Level 8, is an attack at the diagonals of BamBam. One panel. It's got some charge time, but hits pretty hard, is a Fire Tech, and makes the hit panel Lava.

At Level 3, Bel learns this. It's a healing technique for her and the panels around her for... 100-ish. Also it boosts stats. Neat.

Level 9, BamBam learns THIS MOVE. I love Ohh! Ohh! Just putting that out there. It's got a bit of charge time, and deals about 50-60 per hit... to EVERY PANEL ON THE FIELD. It hits everything. That's awesome.

At Level 9, Gori learns this move. It's a Sexy Tech. It hits the three panels in any of the 8 directions for a 3X3 range, charges up, and then Gori seduces the enemy to attack. Wonderful!

After this came a long period of me having my mouse in the way of the screenshots like a stupid. And that's terrible, so I'm not posting them. Let's just go over what you missed.

BamBam learned Zdogerain at Level 11. It's got a bit of charge time before BamBam jumps on the enemy for massive damage. They get knocked back. 2 panels in any direction.

Gori learned Ngoh! at Level 11. It's his last move. It hits the diagonals next to him. Remember Gotcha!? It's like that, but stronger.

At Level 7, Bel learned Laa Laa. This is her ultimate move. Also, it's amazing. It hits the first two diagonals from Bel for a 5X5 range. It charges. Then, she sings and EVERYONE DIES. It can easily do over 900 to a single enemy, and completely obliterate everything if done, say, to the center panel. It's just really rad.

At Level 16, BamBam learned his final move, Dodegesden. You can see what it does in the next update. It's pretty special.

This enemy is the Moa. It's the last enemy out here. It's got Beak, a standard melee attack, and also it REALLY loves using Disturbance for some reason. 160 Male HP, 128 Female HP. Hard Rocks, Hides, Big Sticks.

I forgot to get a picture of Bel's Level 14 stats, buuuuuut

Next Report- Nothing bad happens!